First off I’d like to say:

“I have sooo much respect for modern medicine.”
If or when I, or someone I love, gets very sick or hurt–I am so thankful to know there is a place that knows how to handle it and has the resources to do so.

Secondly: I’d like to say, as a former practicing nurse who saw all these amazing patients come in and out of the doors of the hospital, sometimes week after week, that health care falls WAYYY short of HOLISTICALLY providing people what they REALLY need to get and STAY healthy–ESPECIALLY when it comes to chronic diseases.

What I have learned:

Chronic disease is caused by inflammation which is caused by toxic substances that WE put into our bodies. Sugar, alcohol (same as sugar), drugs, heavy metals in water, etc. all cause inflammation. And ALL disease happens because our bodies have entered into an overwhelmed inflammatory state.

So it’s simple:

Just stop putting toxic substances in your bodies!!

UGH!! It pains me to even write that. Because I know what it feels like to NOT be able to stop. To be completely out of control around food, drugs, alcohol.

I am officially an unconscious mind junkie.

Ever since I discovered hypnosis.

This was the first tool I had found that actually allowed me to BE IN FREAKING CONTROL over my environment and my body.

SO LIBERATING!! oh my goddddd. it felt like, THANK GODDDDDDD I FOUND THISSSSSSSSSSSS. AHHHHHH. Torture chamber over.

So ok, health care practitioners will say, improve your eating, cut back on your drinking, smoking, etc…and here’s these pills.

Well, the parts BEFORE the pills are the actual ways to cure your problem for good.

And most doctors, nurses, etc. DO NOT KNOW how to help you with that–with how to actually consistently eat healthy, exercise regularly, drink water instead of soda, let go of alcohol and cigarettes.

I DO know how to help you with that.

And this work I’m so deeply immersed in now–coaching and hypnosis and energy work and meditation–is fucking amazing.

So thank you healthcare for helping us with the things we can’t control right now with pretty amazing medicines that have been created with the best of intentions.

And thank you universe for allowing me to help others to be able to regain control over the stuff we CAN control that can make the WORLD of difference.

You can take control of your health and wellbeing in a way that actually permanently works.  Is it your time to go there?

Always here for you.

Much love,