Holy molyyyy!! May 1st?!

My Live Your Dream Life Retreat is going to be here so soon!!

Some of you can’t make it :(

We’ll miss you!

AND I wanted to STILL offer you ALL–those who can AND can’t come–the juicy info that I LIVE BY that has allowed ME to create the life of MY dreams, that some of you will  learn about and get to EXPERIENCE at the retreat on a much deeper level:

Starting with HEALTH!

“Leslie, what the HECK does being healthy really have to do with me being wealthy and successful?”

Um, Well, let me think about this… EVERYTHING!!

Let me SHOW you my DAILY health routine that I KNOW allows me to be so successful in my life. I do all of these things EVERY STINKING DAY because I KNOW I need to FILL MY CUP up FIRST before I can help ANYONE else…(Oprah taught me that) 😉 I should also add that this daily ritual did not develop overnight! I have slowly built up to all these things, and you can too in a way that feels right to YOU!

I’ve been learning a lot about leaky gut syndrome, and really am making an effort to eat gluten/dairy/soy free. My Isagenix shakes offer me this and fill me up without weighing me down! They also take 2 seconds to make…time is money people!!
I know a lot of people are turned off by green drinks, but not me! I just think of the amazing fuel going into my body to keep me energized all day! Look at my new knives ready to get chopping back there! Thanks Mom and Dad!
Every single day I sit and meditate and stretch–this time allows me to remember that I AM NOT ALONE; there is some higher power guiding me to be successful, and that it is okay to Let Go and have Faith that everything is perfect, right now. Helps so much in maintaining the inner peace! This is also where I tune into my intuition for where I may be holding myself back from succeeding with limiting beliefs and using my tools to clear that energy and how I can help YOU GUYS every day comes to me as well!
I read some type of spiritual text everyday to keep me grounded in what really matters in life. “It is only when we find peace within that we will be able to live in peace with our environment.” -Dalai Lama <3
These vitamins are definitely not the most organic…but hey, we do the best we can! Two a day!
I get SOME kind of exercise in every day, from a 20 minute workout from this “Daily Workouts” App, or a jog, walk, swim, rollerblade sesh, etc. Feels good to get the heart pumpin and inspiration likes to hit here as well!
I stay SUPER hydrated all day long. Keep my vibrations nice and bouncy 😉 Seriously though…I can feel it! (Oh hey, a bonus! That orange index card back there says, “I am a six-figure business coach).” I know that by FEELING into what I ultimately want NOW, brings me where I want to go without fail!
I have washed and prepared greens on the ready in the fridge for quick salads/additives to my shakes. No excuses not to get in the veggies!
Always working on having food prepared ahead of time to allow me to make good choices when hunger hits! Also prevents me from wasting money buying fast food…Lots of people hate beans..not this gal!
This right here makes me feel so incredibly wealthy..I call it, my “hydration station!” We get some nice filtered water from the co-op every week to have the cleanest water ready to go! My friends like it too! 🙂
Hey, it’s me! My body is NOT what you see in the magazines, but IDGAF! It looks a heck of a lot better than it did before I found hypnosis and REALLY BEGAN my health and wellness journey! Hypnosis and meditation allows me to accept myself as I am RIGHT NOW, and be happy with my best efforts to be as healthy as possible TODAY.

By being healthy, I am allowing myself the space to receive inspiration from my intuition that shows me what my best next steps are to take towards my successful dream life that allows me to touch the lives of many, including YOU.

And I want the same opportunity for you…

To be healthy. and to Live YOUR dream life…

Are you ready?




Of what will be offered at the Live Your Dream Life Retreat June 16, 17, and 18th.

Those of you who can come,

Have you paid your deposit yet?

Don’t miss it, you have until May 6th!

For those of you saying, what the heck, I didn’t even KNOW about this retreat, no sweat!

Contact me below for more details!

Much love and Happy May!

XOXO Leslie