It’s just a fact! My weight win course is NOT for everyone.

If you:

  • HIGHLY value your health
  • Do incessantly think about food, exercise, and your weight and NEED it GONE..OR would LOVE to just BECOME MORE RELAXED about it all so that you don’t need to think about it all the time (no matter how impossible this may seem)
  • Want to feel FREE (from food and in general)
  • Enjoy trying to find/identify the true MEANING of things in life
  • Open to exploring spirituality/new age thinking
  • Are a freaking go-getter! You almost ALWAYS get what you want no matter what–and good for you!! You rock!
  • Hold yourself to a high standard–always looking to improve yourself, learn more, be better
  • Are super motivated and determined and BRAVE–not afraid to explore the REAL reason food/weight is a problem for you even if it means other shit might come up that you didn’t even know was there that might slow you down and even have the potential to scare you a little bit
  • Are always on the move and are always wanting more. You LIKE being busy and moving and DOING, AND you also notice you never REALLY feel satisfied (with the amount of food you eat and otherwise in life)
  • Know you have a lot of feelings, whether or not you show them or acknowledge them, you have them–you feel A LOT, and this might be a reason you turn to food
  • Have sought counsel in the past and/or are open to it. You know and value the importance of asking for help when you feel at the end of your rope
  • Like the idea of having a coach who used to feel just like you do right now, being part of a community feeling just like you do, and taking a course online regarding the very realness of this sucky situation

Then my program actually probably IS for you, my friend.

CONTACT ME HERE to talk seriously about your signing up today.

 You are not alone! <3

Here’s to you Loving Yourself to Freedom on this Day of Independence!

Much love & Happy 4th!


Leslie M. Thornton, RN, CPC is your coach for all your health-sucking habits and life-sucking situations. Get really real with your life-sucker, find out why it’s here, and how you can get over it PERMANENTLY so that you can start focusing on what you REALLY want NOW.

Be free. Life is meant to be fun!


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