imageOK…Here’s the 411 on Weight Loss:

The reason WHY it’s the





  • chips and dips
  • the baked goods–cookies and brownies and cakes, oh my!
  • the fried foods
  • the ice-cream
  • the soda
  • the pizza
  • the peanut butter
  • the chocolate

…that hold you back,

…that keep you stuck in “food prison,”


THESE are the foods that are eaten during “feel-good times.”

All the foods eaten at/during/around

  • birthdays
  • picnics
  • barbecues
  • TV time
  • holidays
  • after work/school time
  • after dinner
  • before bedtime…

All the foods

  • mom and dad or grandma made special for us
  • the foods we used to eat out or in with the family
  • the foods we used to eat when we felt lonely, stressed, depressed, or afraid…

Are THE foods that make us feel so, so good!

They therefore hold EVERYONE back from permanently meeting and maintaining their weight loss goals

Because, come on, who doesn’t want to feel good?

But we all know…

that LONG-term, we wind up feeling BAD and even become UNHEALTHY as a result of our momentary flashes of good feelings we get from eating…

And nobody wants that.

So what’s the deal and how can we fix it?

You see, when our brains associate food with good times or feelings of comfort from our pasts…

Neuropathways are carved out in our minds that cause us to naturally crave the good times & the better feelings that these foods automatically provide! 



So, What if…

There was a way to make all NEW associations in your brain

What if…

The celebration DID happen around asparagus and you craved THAT instead of the “bad foods?”

Ok, asparagus might be a stretch for some…—but you get my drift…


These “What-ifs” are totally possible for you!

You CAN & WILL begin to crave HEALTHY FOODS when you lovingly attack the mind’s current programming and replace it with a healthier version with me this fall!

My Wickedly Wild Weight Winning course includes the neuroscience that proves that the mind can be trained to work in a whole new way that works in YOUR FAVOR and I want to walk  you through it. 7913089_s

No worries…

I’ve worked with LOTS of doubters—and ALL are super surprised to see how quickly they notice changes in how they behave around food—

After working with me they feel:

  • In control of their food choices
  • Able to walk away from “problem foods” with ease
  • Motivated to eat healthy and exercise enjoyably

This all adds up to equal easy, effortless, and PERMANENT weight loss.

I worked with a nurse practitioner last spring, and here’s what she said:

Leslie has helped me reach a point in life where I can now walk away from certain foods that I used to “hear calling my name,” I always found an excuse to snack saying I deserved it for whatever reason, now I find myself having the same immediate gratification by being able to say no, I don’t really want it!”


Imagine what YOU will get in 6!

ALSO! I’ve checked in with this practitioner months later and she is STILL feeling free from food, has lost weight, and is enjoying her life thoroughly!

SO…If people who value science and precision can escape food prison, why not you?

Here are the quick and hard facts of my Weight Winning course:

The reason people are not successful in their weight loss goals long-term is because of what is going on in their minds around food.

These current unhealthy associations that are going on are so super powerful that they cause consistent and forever self-sabotage when it comes to eating right and exercising long-term.

Tweetable: You cannot effectively and sustainably willpower your way through weight loss.

It’s just not possible. This is why you fail…over and over again.

So are you ready to WIN this spring?

Are you ready to kiss dieting goodbye for good?

In my 6 week online course, which begins March 15, we will be:

1. Uncovering what associations you have going on in your head that preventing you from truly succeeding in your weight loss goals now

2. Eliminating those beliefs using the powerful neuroscientific techniques I use with my clients and for myself each and every day that WORK!

3. Identify your TRUE passions and your strengths that will make you feel way happier than the foods that are distracting you now.

4. Enjoy the benefits long-term!

Ready to talk to me about the next steps? Fill out the for below, it will be delivered directly to my email inbox and be confidential. I will respond back with a date/time we can chat on the phone about what’s possible within 24-48 business hours.