When I was locked up in food prison, I absolutely could not say yes to life.

Not even close.

When all I thought about was food, dieting, exercising, weight loss;

When all I felt was self-conscious about my body and how I felt fat all the time;

There was NO TIME for 11306825_sfreedom, no time for fun.

The most fun and relaxing part of my days would have to do with food and eating…

Followed by the most UN-FUN part of my days–feeling GUILTY and SUPER UPSET that I just ate something unhealthy or an unhealthy amount of something.

Can you relate?

I can actually viscerally recall that awful feeling of being so mad at myself for not following my diet plan every day.

It’s no way to live.

So the goal of my work is to help people escape food prison.

And the END result of this work is to make it so you can feel free to say yes to ACTUAL fun in your life.

Say yes to LIFE and to LOVE and to feeling FREE.


To see who you really are, to know what you really LIKE, UNDERNEATH all your food thoughts.

To discover if there is a greater purpose to your life than you know.

Because what is the cost of NOT doing this?

  • A shorter life?
  • Your end of life years spent in the hospital suffering from diseases caused by too much stress, food, etc.?
  • Having to eventually get some kind of risky invasive surgery to help with weight that doesn’t even focus on tackling the food problem from the core issue out?
  • Having no energy to spend good quality time with your friends and family because it’s all used up thinking about food and your weight?

Food prison is a very real place AND there is absolutely no reason to be stuck there forever because I’ve gotcha!

I’ve done the work already for you.

I’ve created my Weight Winning course for YOU.

Because I know you need it.

I know you can’t face another diet.

That you can’t suffer and struggle anymore.

That feeling fat and happy seems more pleasurable sometimes than to keep thinking about food and weight all the time.

I love you, my friend, and I understand what it feels like and I’m TELLING you–if you resonate with this post,

The Wickedly Wild Weight Winning Course is for YOU.

Please please please contact me below
and do this next course coming up for yourself.

It will be the best investment you ever make.


Much much love,