The subconscious mind holds deep-seated emotional issues that when not addressed manifests itself in various forms. The brain has its ability to send messages that in essence keeps you safe but in reality, blocks you from facing the reality head-on. This keeps reinforcing in you that scarcity mindset, and when you do have it, all you can do is react to it as expected. An impulsive action happens all the time. And most times in my dealings with clients, most of this anxiety and emotional eating goes back to those times in the past where one is deprived of food where your own parents stop you from eating, it may also be that food provides you a distraction away from any emotional battle you are experiencing at one time or another without you knowing it. It is actually our fears that we let to run our lives that prevent us from truly acknowledging what the issue is all about. When those aren’t brought to light then it triggers anxiety leading to emotional eating.

That is why when we let subconscious modalities that I know of work in our body, then, we will see that opportunity mindset sets in. We always think that there will be enough for us and we don’t resort to actions that will only fill that void even more. There is mindful eating that happens, a deep understanding of those fears that we have, and getting back control of what is happening around. When that occurs self-awareness begins to make sense. And it is in making sense of all these that we begin to have peace and move us so much faster from the problem that we get ourselves in.

“The biggest cause of anxiety that I see in clients is scarcity. One of the things that get locked in there from the primitive brain is this needing to survive and actually thinking that there is not enough. And when we feel this lack, most of us don’t even realize what’s actually happening that causes us to take that impulsive action, which can lead to emotional anxious eating, which is how we can feel so out of control.”

– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Dealing with her own anxiety and how she overcame it
  • What’s the biggest cause of most people’s anxiety
  • When do you take back in control of yourself
  • How to relieve yourself of the scarcity mindset
  • How subconscious modality deep dive works into the body
  • Turning over into abundance mindset
  • What it is like to be reparenting your fears
  • How bringing awareness to your fears lets you in control of what’s happening around yourself

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