Body image is one big concern that is all over the place these days. It doesn’t help that social media is feeding us all this standard of a healthy and sexy body. And for us who can’t keep up with what society dictates, we harbor displeasure over our body further pushing us down into the pit of unhappiness and anxiety. All we think of is ourselves and what we think other people think about us. We fear the thought of what might be even if it is just imagined and not holding a bit of reality. Fear thoughts surround us and scarcity mentality overpowers us. Yes, when you have body hatred, your mind is clouded with all these negativity and prevents you from celebrating who you truly are.

For as long as you implement great healthy habits everyday and feed your body with what is nutritionally essential, that is one good reason to be elated about. Who is to say that it is not the perfect body size for you? You don’t have to go on a strict diet that when you fail at it, unhappiness consumes you. Thus, making people around you unhappy, too. Why be so hard at yourself when you have the choice to channel your energy on the more important things in life? Look at it this way, maybe you have the body that you are having now because it is specially meant to carry the purpose for which you are meant to do. And we have to remember that when we die and someone looks at us inside the casket, they won’t say, ’ oh wow she always has that sexy body’. Instead, they would remember us for how fantastic we made them feel and how much difference we make in other people’s lives. It’s all about changing perspective. A mindset shift always does the trick.

“Body image is one of the hardest and slowest mindsets to recreate but with constant effort and due diligence, I would say that it’s 100% possible.”

– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • A mindset shift – putting an end to your body hatred cycle
  • Reaching that state of love and acceptance about your body
  • Scarcity thoughts brought about by body weight
  • The things you need to care about and what people care to remember you for
  • Fear thought makes you always say no to what makes you happy

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