The fact is that when you drink too much alcohol you will lose your inhibition. This then contributes to a diet mentality wherein you are not able to stick to whatever food plan you have in place. When we associate permanent weight loss to alcohol we have to take into account the subconscious reasons why we can’t say no to what is being offered to us. One thing to note is that our attachment to things is too strong. We make decisions based on emotions so that the moment something is offered to us, we immediately say yes to it. We only deal with the result of our actions when we experience the aftermath of, in this case, drinking alcohol the next day. Another thing is the fact that we take negative connotations towards certain foods that, to our mind, always make us fat if we eat them.

If only we take out all this morality we attach to food or alcohol, that it is good or bad, right or wrong, then we will allow ourselves to have that unconditional permission to have what we truly want without feeling guilty over it. Because it is in this light that we allow mindfulness to take over our actions. And when this happens, we can break stuff down, we slow down and we make an empowered choice on things that will only bring us good. And that’s when we truly understand things, not from a place of fear rather from a place of inner peace and freedom. And this is where hypnosis plays a part in fully making things happen.

“The idea is not to have you never do that thing ever again. The idea is to get rid of that attachment.”

– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What does permanent weight loss boil down to? Leslie talks about the emotions and subconscious body reasons why we can’t say no to things and the impact it has on us
  • One’s propensity towards attachment. How we make decisions based on emotions
  • Our ability to make an empowered choice
  • Our attitude towards food determines how we are going to win in our decision every time
  • Mindfulness on one’s attitude towards food and alcohol
  • Facing Your fear and acting on it
  • Experiencing hypnosis and being present
  • Alcohol alters your quality of sleep. Leslie elaborates what happens when you are not having good sleep after drinking alcohol
  • What happens when you can master your detachment from right or wrong, good or bad and make empowered decisions instead

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