Why do self-awareness and clarity about what you want matter?

Our decisions and choices in life are influenced by what society dictates. And this leads us to question ourselves if we are doing the right thing prompting us to beat ourselves, That is, being hard on ourselves by doing the rigid and strict steps just so we achieve it. We would never even question if we want what we do or is it really what we want to happen. And what comes next is that we put undue pressure on ourselves thereby circling back to what we used to be and never ever staying on track. The same thing with eating. Can we really stop eating too much and achieve weight loss? If you believe you can, then you can do it. Our brain is more powerful than what our physiological parts can do. Besides, things can only happen when we are coming from an empowered place.

Making choices out of guilt and shame will only magnify the problem. Because it is never getting deep into the root cause but rather giving in to undue pressure from outside forces. If only we learn to accept ourselves and really see what makes us happy then we are good. It is never about making everyone happy, it is about making yourself happy. If we take a closer look, big transformation happens when we become intentional and purposeful in what we do. Instead of saying, ‘I have to lose weight because I have Diabetes’, why not shift your mind and say, ‘I want to lose weight because I still want to be around when my grandkids come, still want to travel the world in my retirement years.’. That would sound so reassuring and gives a hint of positivity and happiness.

Another way to look at it is by finding like-minded people who can help you achieve your goal. Because when you have that belief system, you want to be with the same people who think the way you do and carry you through your goals. And it is a big help when you invest in something that supports your belief system where you pay for coaching sessions. That way the commitment level is at best than when you have something for free. When it cost you something, you tend to value it more. And that is when something big happens in your life.

“Know that you actually can stop eating if you want to. And just by removing that inner critic, and getting yourself present to what it is that you actually want and knowing that you can, and being willing to get out of your comfort zone and take those steps, you can do that.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Leslie sharing an email about someone’s uncontrolled eating
  • Gain awareness about your habits and behavior – do away with guilt and shame
  • Making a choice from an empowered place
  • Investing in yourself and getting the clarity on what you want for yourself
  • Believe you CAN – because whatever you believe will going to happen
  • Your habits and behaviors should fall in alignment with your goal otherwise you will be missing the point
  • Look at your belief system and put yourself in a program that supports such
  • You cannot make everyone happy. You do have to make yourself happy.
  • Find like-minded people who support what you want to achieve
  • What does a self-authorized life look like
  • Hypnosis as a way to reframe your brain
  • Ways to become successful at whatever transformation you want to happen in your body and in your life
  • Paying money on something means you get more out of it
  • The neural plasticity framework

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