Freedom is what makes human beings feel alive. When this is restricted human nature would want to rebel at it. This is where portion control when it comes to dieting takes its notion. It’s never an easy path much more when you don’t clearly and deeply know why you are doing so in the first place. When you decide to begin a journey of transformation you need to come from a place of awareness and true goals. If and when your point in deciding to lose weight is grounded on the fact that people expect you to have a certain idea of how you look like, then that would likely take you off track somewhere in your goal. Most likely, what happens is you would beat yourself up until you no longer make sense of everything that you are doing. There can be a success in a controlled space but it would be difficult to sustain it unless it is met with good judgment and purposeful intention. Being intentional at what you do makes the whole thing reachable because you rest in the thought of making a higher goal happen and you envision what that is in your mind and you have a happy thought looking at the possibility. Besides, when you make a decision such as stopping overeating and religiously sticking to portion control you need to have the goal in mind and someone to support you all the way through.

This is where hypnosis helps. It has a way of making you feel not guilty about what you do or not do to your body. It is about making you have an empowered choice where you feel happy about your decision whether you do portion control or not. What makes it even better about hypnosis is its ability to be expansive, breaking you free from limiting beliefs you have for yourself and from other people. What’s more, it helps you have a deeper understanding of the undertaking you are in so that goals are more realistically achieved.

“This journey is more about living a more self-actualized life, and giving yourself full permission to have, what it is that you want and how you want to have it, things that are going to make your life happy and sustainable, and works for you.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What’s with portion control
  • Is there success in a controlled space
  • Coming away from diet mentality is never easy
  • What do you envision in your life
  • One thing missing in people doing portion control
  • Tracking your fullness
  • Making an empowered choice determines what goal you want to achieve
  • Learn to communicate your boundaries so you will help yourself stay on your own and other too
  • Scarcity mindset in portion control
  • That feeling of wanting something more
  • Procrastination and keeping up energy during the day led people to overeat
  • How does hypnosis help you achieve ultimate freedom around food, your body, and your weight
  • Tools in hypnosis that helps deal with the transformation that you want for yourself
  • Being happy and satisfied even when you are overeating
  • Learning to embrace the bigger body
  • Learn to heal hurts and pains from somewhere else before making goals for your body
  • Hacks for not overeating

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