Sure, the diet has its own merit. It creates structure and discipline. Following rules for not eating certain foods give you that increased energy to be more productive. But you should be aware that when you fall off your routine of constantly keeping up with giving up a certain food, that’s when an emotional crisis begins to show up. An endless love-hate relationship sometimes ensues. And this is not becoming healthy for you. It won’t do you any good. This is one side of dieting that makes you feel not human. Dieting kind of restricts you the freedom to just eat anything you want to and it sometimes robs you of the pleasure of eating.

Primarily, what makes anyone fall off the track when you diet, it’s because your actions to do it is dictated by fear. What is this fear? Fear of other human beings. Fear of what other people might say to you, fear you will never be accepted for what you are, fear of losing somebody you care deeply if you don’t shape up. If fear is the motivation to do something in order to reach a certain goal it will never ever get you anywhere long-term. It’s because you will lose yourself in the process. Your consciousness is never fully on why and what you are doing. You do things just because someone imposed it on you, that it should be how it’s done. When in fact you can have whatever you want and whatever way you want it for as long as you want it with no shame and guilt to feel ever.

Your actions are driven by these two opposite end of human emotions that determine your reaction towards whatever you set your goal on as a success or failure, that is fear or panic and joy or happiness. Fear almost always never do the job. Joy and happiness let you do things lightly and with a disposition that crushes any negativity down and brings you to the consciousness of being free of other’s judgment. Hypnosis has this way of freeing you from being stuck in food prison to an entirely new way of looking at one’s circumstances without guilt and shame.

“Any action taken from fear is a nonproductive and inefficient action long term.” – Leslie Thorton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The good thing about diet
  • What happens when people fall off their diets
  • Why are diets so hard
  • Love, hate relationship with yourself
  • How do you quiet down that inner critic in yourself
  • The never-ending feeling of guilt and shame
  • Having the awareness of yourself helps you separate the feelings and the action of choosing to eat
  • You are not your mind and you are not your thoughts
  • Our bodies are churning machines of thoughts turning them to feelings and turning them to actions
  • Changing your painful reality by changing your thoughts
  • Biggest fears of human beings are other human beings
  • Mastering the relationship with yourself and your thoughts
  • Pay attention to your emotions
  • Bring attention to your actions taken out of fear and panic as well as out of happiness and joy

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