There is something about sugar that we fear about. Rightly so, because research says it’s more addicting than heroin or cocaine. I used to buy that idea before but not anymore, the reason is that Science proves it is easy to digest and metabolize sugar than it is to metabolize alcohol or any kind of drugs.

Most often than not, diets involve not consuming much sugar. When you exercise, it is best accompanied by not eating sugar-laden food. Apart from sugar in fruits, you make sure there is nothing more than that.

That makes life so restrictive. And when you tell yourself to stay away from sugar, your subconscious mind tells you to have it. And it’s a never-ending tug of war between what you really want and what it calls you to do for your body’s sake. And if this is how things roll out every day for you, putting morality on food, that it is bad or not good for you, it would never amount to anything.

Permanent weight loss happens when you give yourself permission to just enjoy what you do, in this case, eating sugar and be at peace with the thought that you are aware of what it’s gonna do for you and your health. This all amounts to awareness and intention. Whatever you do should come from a place of love for yourself and not fear for something that restricts you instead to be in the moment.

This is where hypnosis helps in permanent weight loss, giving you the freedom to enjoy eating without feeling the guilt that you might get unwanted pounds or the shame that you have a body not everyone finds desirable or the fear nobody would want you for gaining extra pounds. It is about living your truth with the choice which you find best for you. When you don’t subject yourself to the rigidity of a plan that’s when abundance kicks in and self-awareness thrives.


“When you think positive thoughts, you feel a positive way in your body and you don’t need the food to numb you, you just need the food to exist.” – Leslie Thornton


What you will learn from this episode:

  • The Science about sugar. Why is it not more addicting than heroin or cocaine contrary to what research says?
  • The need to start from scary thoughts that you’re avoiding
  • Picture-perfect body and point of health versus freedom and the ability to relax and be at peace, enjoying food and family at the moment
  • How to be unstuck in food prison, in constantly thinking about dieting and exercising
  • The false sense of safety diet plans and the structure around it gives us
  • The truth that you want to believe will make you happy and set you free
  • What matters is your choice makes you feel best
  • How does morality in food make you feel bad about it
  • What is it like to give your body more ultimate health even when you have more weight
  • Motivation coming from something positive and good and not anything other than that
  • Having compassion to yourself on your way to success

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