When do we often fall off-track from our self-care and gain weight? Oftentimes these events like death, divorce, starting a relationship, or ending it, difficult pregnancies, giving birth, and a lot more are triggers for weight to shoot up. For fear of whatever reason, we assume people will not come to us and hold us in high esteem once they would find our vulnerability. For some of us, we don’t like bothering others with our own problems as we don’t want to add up to any load they are already carrying by listening to our own. Other times we don’t like sharing what is bottled up inside since we don’t have the habit of just letting it all out with anyone.

Nothing wrong with it. These feelings are just all normal and they are facts of life. But we have to understand that these emotions should need a safe outlet with which you can express all things out. Because what happens when these are all just internalized is, it would show up in ways more unhealthy; overeating is one way of coping with it. It’s numbing that pain that you fail to process and get settled with. Most often than not, the person who experiences this doesn’t know this is the reason for that.

This podcast comes at a perfect time when we need to deal with these circumstances in life without feeling shame and guilt. Particularly, Hypnosis has a way of confronting this emotion by feeling the pain, acknowledging it, and ultimately feeling a safer sense of awareness and freedom around food without having to fear it would make you gain those unwanted pounds. It is about feeling the scariest thing your thought has imagined, letting it go, and finally envisioning your dream of happiness, fulfillment, and contentment.

“You will have absolute and total freedom around food and around all hard areas of your life. All you have to do is step up, be ready to do what it takes, including feel into the things that scare you the most and make a change.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The time people fall off track from their self-care and gain weight
  • Reasons why it is during this time we fail to live up
  • What happens if we keep emotions to ourselves
  • Feel the pain to get through it and not just numb it with food
  • With awareness is the ultimate freedom
  • Emotional mastery is the key

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