There are just many chatters our brain is telling us, and listening to them makes us in limbo that we do not know what to do. I know what you are going through. I was once there where you are now. Not completely sure about what to do with losing weight. At one point you are all powered up to religiously follow your diet only to end up at night bingeing on your favorite cookie and whatnot. You thought you had it all prepared for, cutting up your fruits and vegetables so that when hunger pangs hit, they’re just there, ready to grab and eat lest you look for something else which is an absolute no-no for your diet. You listen on podcasts – everything about dieting and losing weight, you’ve taken everything there is to take note of, you’ve watched on Facebook every diet you can name about. Yes, losing weight, less food, and more exercise. You’ve been obsessing on that….to no avail. And you ask, ‘Why can I not be like them, why can I not seem to lose weight, what’s wrong with me?’

There are just plenty of thoughts running through your mind, but you have to remember that you are not your thoughts. Your experiences, your childhood, your upbringing, your religious beliefs, and your education all influence what you are thinking right now. The thought that you can’t do it and that nobody else understands you are just all in your mind. All of this is telling you something and adds up to that mental chatter feeding your mind. And this limits you and gets you stuck from becoming the person that you truly deserve to be. It’s about time you break away from all of these mental barriers. And there is actually a way to do it. Yes, you can break free from your own mental shackles.

The first thing you should do is accept the fact that what you’ve been doing isn’t just helping. You’ve got to face your truth, something way deeper than just obsessing about losing weight should happen. All you have to do is take action. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you get unstuck in some areas of your life that is probably giving you the reason for not meeting your goal. Just be ready to get out of your comfort zone and let’s journey together and find out what’s missing for you. Let’s get your thoughts together in action and start getting results that will last a lifetime. Let me help you, email me now.

“I invested in my coaching to be able to do the work that I help people do today, on a holistic basis – mind, body, and spirit.” – Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • Experiencing day-to-day challenges that are hard and awful
  • You are not your thoughts – breaking the cycle of loving and hating ourselves
  • Acceptance of the fact that things aren’t working and are not meant for you
  • Take action and find out what’s missing
  • Get clarity around your actual issue
  • Are you any of these: information gatherer, massive doers, action takers
  • Get it done – your someday, one day world
  • Start listening to what you are saying to yourself now and not to anybody else – you know your truth

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