Can’t seem to make sense of what’s happening inside you? All this time food is the only thing you can ever find solace in. You think you are a failure, other times you hear yourself that you are not good enough, at times you see the world like there is nothing good left for you. An ever-recurring feeling of desolation you can’t grapple with is gripping you. Now, what’s left for you to hope for?

Let’s face it, you are not alone in this. You are one of the many who suffers the same fate. But you know what will differentiate you from the rest of them? That’s you taking action and them not doing anything.

In January 2019, Mirvat Katib left corporate to pursue the unknown as a health and life coach and transform her life. It’s a cliche and she knows. And even though she was working on herself she also started to help people along the way that are struggling just like her. Today she lost 30lbs in less than 6 months without starving herself. And she is now a Certified Health and Life Coach.

In this episode, learn about her journey to finding a healthy lifestyle that has given her insight into the many challenges one encounters enabling her to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding towards those who are experiencing the same fate as hers. Reflect on her struggle of keeping it together while going through depression, finally acknowledging it and ultimately taking the bold step to break free from it. She is now a transformed person, but life always has a way of giving us surprises that always test us; learn about the growth mindset she imbibes that will have you always facing positivity amidst it all. To say that she has it all easy now is a misconception, for what she has now is a profound awareness and understanding of what truly makes her happy, obstacles, and challenges notwithstanding.

“I’ve never felt or looked as healthy as I do now. Even when playing sports and building muscle. I think of my lifestyle as self-care, which has led me to stop thinking that I have to, rather, I want to. The lesson here is to learn to listen to your body with love and to make choices that align with maintaining a healthy home for your body. Before changing what you eat, change your mindset and the rest will come.”
– Mirvat Katib

What you will learn from this episode:

02:46 – Sharing her story of ‘From fit to fat to fab’
07:53 – Fixed mindset versus a growth mindset
10:57 – Just letting your emotions flow, letting them go, observing them, and feeling them
13:54 – Really, it all starts with a mindset
16:16 – Keeping a happy relationship with fitness
18:57 – You must learn something from your negative experience
21:56 – How she works a lot with feeling the energy of the person to shift the energy of where they are and how they are and how and where they want to be
23:19 – Overcoming her being an introvert and breaking free from her comfort zone
26:19 – It’s how you look at the world and how you see things that spell the difference
28:21 – Believe in yourself and do things for yourself and not for anybody else
30:45 – Benefits of challenging her mind and body
32:27 – What challenging herself taught her
34:39 – Acknowledge that you mess up, don’t ignore it
39:17 – Done is better than perfect
47:18 – Why you need to put yourself first and not others

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