Do you ever think that the end is not in sight for whatever desolation, despair, and emptiness you feel inside? Do you feel like you are inside a trap with not a glimmer of hope of ever getting out of it? Do you despise yourself, your size, and everything about you that it consumes you? Are you just really giving up on you, the awesome you?

Think about it again, Lisa was in the same boat as you were in. Her life story before and after Hypnosis might just resonate with you. Listen in to this episode. There is hope!

Lisa Ajuria is an Executive Assistant at Weight Loss Albany. She actually is a graduate of Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Program. And her story is super transformational for other people that are going to be able to listen to her story.

In this episode, Lisa shares how miserable her life was before she met Leslie. She was so full of anger at herself and the world, and her marriage and family life suffered. She thought no one ever cared about and understands her. It didn’t help that she has two hyperactive boys who are always craving for her attention, that she felt she is not allowed some space. Scared to death to face her fears, she finally gave away in that pivotal moment on a phone call with Leslie. By her admittance, she made the best investment ever when she finally decided to become Leslie’s student. Hypnosis brought an impactful transformation in her life more than she could ever imagine.

“You are perfectly awesome in all the different parts of you, the ones that you think are bad, the ones that you think are frustrating, the ones that you love, but you hide. All of the parts of you are amazing, the way that they are. And you can love yourself, all the parts.” – Lisa Ajuria

What you will learn from this episode:

03:31 – What Lisa’s life was before hypnosis
10:16 – That pivotal moment of realization
12:03 – “I think at that moment, I realized that so much of my pain was coming from this place of me avoiding being truthful to myself about what I wanted, about what I was okay with, about trusting myself and my intuition.”
16:57 – The best investment she’s ever made
25:32 – How that phone call from Leslie with Lisa’s husband ended her nightmare
32:50 – “I was scared to deal with my fear. That was the issue, not the weight.”
34:22 – Her biggest breakthroughs
35:27 – “I don’t need to have wine in order to be myself, to be bold enough to be speaking my truth. That was a big one for me.”
40:05 – An empowering parting words from Lisa

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