Whether we like it or not, part of why we are having issues with overeating and weight problems is because of unhealthy relationships we have in life. That could be with ourselves, our food, and even our family members and loved ones. When we have low self-esteem towards ourselves, constantly self-criticizing our flaw, that triggers us to wallow in pity, and we resort to food for solace. Before we know it, there we are again in the depths of obsessing about weight loss. It’s as if it’s the only thing that matters to us; we could not even appreciate the green trees around that we walk by every day. The same with food, with us, labeling it as good or bad adds up to the pressure – negative thoughts that are already crowding our mind, thereby pushing us to binge-eat even more. With family dynamics that aren’t perfect, we are holding up inside pent-up emotions that often lead us to blame ourselves, our weight, our work, and our lives.

All of these matters aren’t supposed to rule our lives. And all of these are concerns that need immediate attention and action. To fully function as great individuals and become the person we have always aspired to become, we need to work on areas in our broken lives. Only then can we become fully present at the moment.

This is where hypnosis for permanent weight loss does its part. It helps in accessing our subconscious state to quiet down parts in our body that is always telling us to doubt ourselves. When all of these are being brought to the surface and taken care of, that’s when healing takes place, and you become aware of things that no longer matter to you and that you have all the freedom to do what you want for yourself because you are no longer scared. You will learn to understand why your family and loved ones act the way they do, and that’s when self-acceptance and loving yourself begin because all of these are never about your weight, the food, and other people. It is never about changing outside of you. It is all about what needs to be changed within. And it is all about you.

“When we are constantly bearing that cross of relationships that are not working, it’s weighing us down, and it makes us tired, it makes us unhappy. And then we start blaming things like our weight and our job and all of these outside things. But the truth is that it’s all within you.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • What is hypnosis for permanent weight loss journey
  • The big reason that causes us to eat a lot
  • Leslie’s interesting journey with hypnosis
  • Accepting and loving yourself
  • What uniqueness of family dynamics contribute to permanent weight loss
  • What happens when there is an unhealed relationship with parents
  • How accountability buddies, friendships, and relationships outside of family help
  • The need to set boundaries for yourself
  • Her client profile
  • Marrying ourselves first
  • Achieving quality life and attracting the right relationships for you
  • The positive effect of hypnosis

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