If we take a closer look, oftentimes we find ourselves pretending to be happy. We don’t want others to know that we are not okay, we want them to see us as in control of ourselves. And when we are overwhelmed with different emotions that’s when it keeps showing other areas of our life and body that are failing. Our body manifests the signs that something inside is not right.
That is why we need to do something to remedy what we have been suppressing all along.

What we fail to acknowledge is that we are actually scared to face our own fears. The reason why we can’t come out and be real. We are afraid of abandonment, that people may leave us if they see our vulnerability. We have already set a pattern for ourselves with what we think and do, thereby creating that mindset that life is just the way and we are made to deal with it on our own the hard way. And what actually happens is that we leave it as it is, it just goes on like a festering wound.

Hypnosis provides tools for us to come in contact with our subconscious and finally tapping into that underlying voice, taming it, quieting it so we can flourish in all areas of our lives. These tools actually help us uncover the fears that have been lying there for years that need to be put out there and dealt with once and for all. There is no other way to get past it but to actually experience it, feel the dread, the pain, the hardship and once we learn to fully let it go and face what goodness lies ahead, that’s when we fully have freedom around everything else in life especially around food that we so dread the most. That’s when self-awareness begins to weave its transformational power on us.

It’s when we fully believe in one thing that it has the capacity to heal us, that’s when that truly happens. Science has backed this up with studies done which has also been proven as evidenced by cancer survivors in remission. Besides there is a connection of spirituality here as it empowers us to create miracles in our lives as Jesus did, we just have to fully believe we can overcome it, that the process works. It truly does work as it has done to me.

“In order to feel all of the immense joy and happiness in life, you have to also be willing and able to also feel the immense pain and sadness and hard times.” – Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • Dealing with her own anxiety
  • Scared of not being okay and of failure
  • What it takes to feel immense joy and happiness
  • Sharing her own hypnosis journey
  • What hypnosis for permanent weight loss can do in your life
  • Learnings from gurus she looks up to
  • You are not what your think
  • What it can do to you when there is 100% belief of certainty
  • Things will not change until you change
  • Some of us dream and some of us take action
  • You can’t fake happiness
  • Coaching plus hypnosis equals happiness

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