More than blaming our genes for weight issues, let’s take a more in-depth look at the deep-seated emotions that have been there in our subconscious state since our childhood. The trauma that we have been subjected to as a child surfaces in ways we think as normal but is, in fact, detrimental. Our poor body image and attitude around food can be traced back to experiences we’ve had as a child embedded in us, and we fail to address it for the longest time.

At times, we may not notice it, but our personal issues manifest in the way we deal with food because, most often than not, that’s the most accessible aspect we can find solace in. Unless we learn to acknowledge and admit that an inside job is necessary, that’s when a transformational change in us happens.

For that to happen, we need a support system to guide us through this journey. We need to practice it, and at the same time, always reinforce it every time to stay on the course of what we want to achieve.

Carol May is a Disruptive Health Coach & Intuitive Eating Expert, Coach and Speaker. She is the Director of a business she started herself called ‘All Shapes and Sizes Solutions.’ She works with women of all shapes and sizes who are in a war against their body and daily battles with food but who are sick of yoyo dieting. She teaches a program based on the premise that we don’t need to follow someone else’s food rules, ever!

In this episode, Carol shares how she’s been into all kinds of dieting since childhood, but with no effect at all, getting her fatter than ever, and living a life of unhealthy restrictions. Her poor body image led her to seek what was unnecessary. And, as a result, contributed negatively to her body and her overall well-being. Personal issues with her marriage didn’t help either. Before she knew it, she’s been keeping rules for herself for years instead of making empowered life choices. Her life is a testament of breaking free from the negative self-talk we mostly feed our mind making us resort to food every time. How she overcame that and completely started life anew is what she shares with us.

“When I trained in counseling, I became aware of the language’s effect and how what we say to ourselves is the most powerful thing. And if we realize that we have a choice, and if we become aware of what we’re saying to ourselves, that’s where the power is.”
– Carol May

What you will learn from this episode:

03:03 – A backstory of Carol’s poor body image, eating disorder struggles, troubled marriage
08:19 – Getting the help that she badly needed and the transformation that happened
12:03 – Taking responsibility for your healing and meditation as a catalyst of letting it all go
16:15 – The need for ongoing support, practice, and reinforcement
19:51 – Starting up ‘All Shapes and Sizes Solutions’
23:54 – What self-awareness does to you
27:10 – Having an empowered choice
30:54 – No trauma is too big or too small
39:37 – It’s an inside job

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