Our mind is a meaning-making machine. It always creates thoughts that often breed self-doubt, insecurity, fear, scarcity thoughts, and what have you. When you are full of these, you are likely always to question yourself, and the moment you do so, you’re putting things on hold. That is your mind’s limiting mechanism not to explore what could potentially be the end of your struggle. You feel so awkward around food, there’s nothing but negative thoughts about it. When you look yourself in the mirror, as though you see someone else you dreaded for so long. There’s not even a tad bit of appreciation you can hear. Yes, you become mean even to yourself. While making sense of your struggle, you always find yourself hiding in the darkness of your make-believe world of smallness and not making any progress. All you are ever harboring are limiting beliefs that are not in the slightest manner of any help to any of what you want to happen.

How do you come out of this dark tunnel you’ve subjected yourself into? Learn about self-awareness, fully keeping in touch with the deepest of your thoughts and emotions to heal any trauma you might have in your life. There is a way to quiet the many voices in your head that are feeding negativity in you. There is indeed a way to tame it. That is where Hypnosis helps. Just learn to say yes to take action with a coach who can help you unearth what has been there underneath you, bothering you for the longest time. But which you don’t have any idea about. It’s about time you face it, conquer your fear, fail fast, and you will see your success faster than you could ever imagine yourself getting out of it all alone. You are more than about your thoughts, your weight, and your body. Just learn to trust the program, many have already done, and they’ve seen tremendous life transformation they would never have experienced had they kept hiding and making excuses.

“When I continue questioning myself, I continue to waste time.I procrastinate. I don’t have to make decisions by myself. I’m scared of knowing my value and my worth as a woman, as a human being.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • What am I getting out of questioning myself?
  • What is the cost of always questioning yourself?
  • Quick tips to stop questioning yourself
  • Hypnosis helps slow down the chatter in your head
  • I am not my thoughts; I am not my body, and who am I?
  • Are we acting on what we want to happen in our lives?
  • How long are you going to be unhappy and struggling?
  • What happens when you work with a coach
  • Get to the source of what’s happening at the root
  • You can cry
  • What is the fastest access and point to success?
  • How Leslie got past her beliefs about food, weight, and her body
  • Just be present
  • Come and fail faster
  • Start acting on yourself now!

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