How do you rise when you’re stripped of that one fundamental right accorded every human being, your dignity as a person? How can you even bring yourself to forget the thought of the gory, terror, and hellish state you went through in the hands of perverts whose existence everyone wishes to perish in a snuff?

Anyone who has been subjected to such a traumatic predicament has a hard time making sense of the situation. How can you not when all those harrowing memories are etched in the depths of your subconsciousness?

A deep healing has to take place. For this to materialize you need to go past the challenges that come with it. Say yes to a commitment of embarking on a journey of freedom from what’s holding you back to live up to your best self fully.

Jeweliet Tangen grew up in a form of sex slavery until she was 6 years old. She was abused, raped, and tortured almost daily- until her adoptive mother, Cheryl rescued her.

After suddenly losing her mom, Jeweliet dedicated herself to entrepreneurship, knowing all along that it was leading to starting this charity.

In this episode, find out how she became a millionaire by the age of twenty and help put up a charity. To us, that is one brilliant achievement for such a young lady of her generation. But before that, perfect-worthy-to-emulate-achievement life was once a very delicate child made to undergo the most heart-wrenching life experience you could ever imagine. Her life story was one of deeply ingrained trauma of sexual abuse in the most sordid sense. The story didn’t just end there, as she got adopted. For the time being, she felt the love a child could ever ask for a single mother who brought her best interest at heart until she passed away not many years later after she got her. She was made to change homes for as long as she can remember. These experiences don’t help her fully grasp the good life that she has adjusted to earlier. The only choice she had was to live on her own and embrace the full independence of living alone at the age of sixteen. That’s when she tried to earn her keep until that fateful day she met a company that helped her to become what she is today.

Her life story is a deeply ingrained trauma that keeps resurfacing in some aspects of her life. She has to contend with that body image, relationships that aren’t nurturing, a false sense of self-worth, to add to it. The reason why she goes into all sorts of therapy to get through all those. That’s one best thing about her, acknowledging the need to have someone else help her sort things within. She used to be not comfortable talking about her story before, but this time she’s learned to speak up and made to resonate with everyone, especially those who share the same experience as hers. Though there is so much mind work that has to happen to get her out of that past trauma fully, what is one thing that keeps her finding joy in life is surrounding herself with people who brings positive vibes despite themselves. And not to forget the charity that she helps build to help children in the same situation as she was before, the We Rescue Kids. With the seemingly impossible task of getting past the shadows of her past, she’s proved to one and all that you can beat the odds.

“Everyone needs to realize that, what happens to you is not always a choice, but how it affects you is 100% a choice.”
– Jeweliet Tangen

Topics Covered:

  • 04:26 – A backstory of Jeweliet’s traumatic childhood
  • 12:26 – Reaching her million-dollar goal by the age of twenty
  • 15:49 – What ‘We Rescue Kids’ is all about – their mission
  • 17:41 – Goal of opening safe homes by the end of 2020
  • 18:51 – Sex trafficking being a massive issue even in a first world country
  • 20:10 – What helped her the most in getting out of her childhood trauma
  • 29:06 – Every trauma, big or small, is worth fixing
  • 34:21 – Struggles in dealing with her body issues and how she overcame it
  • 42:55 – Tips for a confidence booster
  • 46:59 – Being responsible for
  • 48:33 – Realizing her false sense of self-worth and doing something about it
  • 52:20 – The need to be your authentic self

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