No one who goes through sexual abuse had it easy. Not even many of us know it’s happening all over. It is one thing you wouldn’t want anybody to experience. In many of my clients, this is one reason that keeps them from fully living life; this is where they got stuck. Who can blame them? People subjected to this trauma are the most insecure, face body image issues, think low of themselves, and believe they are not good enough and will never be good enough. They’ve got disempowering thoughts in their minds making it all the more difficult to live their authentic selves. What’s worse, they’re scared to tell anyone of what they have been through. And this is what drags them down the pit of hopelessness. One’s inability to succeed with weight loss is the same as sexual abuse – fear of putting themselves out there. The shame you are made to feel with what happened to you is unbearable. The mind feeds an overpowering thought of negativity that renders one powerless to let go of the past. That is why part of fully healing from it all is owning up to it, not getting scared, and bravely telling your story. Fact is those people who hear your story applauds the bravery you’ve mustered because you’ve shown brilliance where they’ve demonstrated silence for the longest time, but which they’ve been longing to get the freedom from.

When you start changing the way you feel, that’s when you start changing the way you act. Hypnosis can help you when you don’t feel like you don’t know how to stop your mind’s malicious chatters. You can reach out to me so we can begin your journey to full healing and recovery.

“But the magic that happens when you start to actually share your actual story, you have no idea how brilliant that is.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • What needs to be done for one’s healing process
  • The deeper issue that needs to be addressed in sexual abuse
  • The brilliance in sharing your actual story
  • Have it be part of your story
  • The success that comes from being brave enough to share
  • Imagine as if you’ve got what you wanted
  • Manifestations happen in different ways
  • Results you get in your life are based on what’s going on in the subconscious
  • Challenging your beliefs and visualizing what you would become
  • Why the need to have integrity with yourself
  • Hypnosis can do a lot to embrace all areas of your life without having fear
  • What attracts everything good in life?
  • Change the way you think and feel

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