Bright line eating is dangerous. What better way to demonstrate the danger it poses to you and your body other than sharing what I’ve been through myself.

As early as when I was a kid, obsession with weight loss had been my thing. I had a slow metabolism, the reason that explains it all. That was when I tried every means I get to ward off any unwanted pounds, but the more desperate I got, the more I fall off my resolve. That continued for years. I am a nurse by profession; it was because of that obsession I wanted to become one to understand my own predicament. I probably obsessed more with my weight throughout those years than someone of my age would obsess over romance and relationships. It went on for years with hardly any success. Until I reached the end of my rope and finally wanted to seek inner peace. That’s when I started Hypnosis for permanent weight loss. That’s when the maddening thoughts stopped. Food was never the one constant in my mind anymore. No longer was I scared around food. I found freedom around it than when I used to before. I don’t worry about my weight at all anymore.

Not until I received an email that would alter my newfound truth. That’s when I became sneaky about trying Bright Line eating again. I did it for three years. I was made to believe I had an addiction, that something was wrong with me, that sugar and calories are addicting elements that would prevent me from realizing that skinny body I have always been desperately wanting to have. I did attain it but to the detriment of some other aspects of my life. Pushing myself too hard was tiring. I was putting much pressure on myself that it took away joy and happiness in me. I was scared of touching food I labeled bad. I completely shun sugar and calories, and those times I fall off the routine, I couldn’t help but hate myself for being a failure. That took a toll on my relationships. I couldn’t go out and dine with the people I wanted to hang out with. I was so scared around food and what it would bring me down to. I couldn’t bear the thought of weight gain. It really has a way of manipulating your body and the way you think about yourself and food.

All along, what I wanted was to accept and love myself and my body for the way it is and stop my crazy desperation over a skinny yogi body. When I asked a professional about intuitive eating, I learned that any belief system you allow yourself to believe is actually what will run your life. And that’s when I got back to Hypnosis and the tools that help me have the freedom, happiness, joy, inner peace that I feel within. It brought me back my authentic self, which led me to bring back relationships with my family. Things have never been self-freeing since then. Anyone of you who can resonate with my story, I have tools to help you transform your life into one of inner peace, freedom, and happiness.

“I was actually warned by someone who had gone through food addiction kind of recovery things in the past about not joining bright line eating when I did. And unfortunately I didn’t listen to that. I do have faith that it all happened for a reason. And that I’m glad it happened so I can save other people from going down a similar awful rabbit hole.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • The danger of bright line eating
  • When her obsession with bodyweight loss started
  • Falling off the food plan every time
  • Reaching the end of her rope and looking for inner peace
  • Starting Hypnosis for permanent weight loss but skeptical about it
  • How those maddening thoughts disappear after Hypnosis
  • It’s all just a mental game
  • Paving the road to becoming a coach for Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss
  • An email that would alter her path to obsessing about weight loss again
  • Feeling sorry for her friend’s toxic programming about weight loss
  • What happens when you are made to believe your brain is broken
  • What is intuitive eating?
  • Hypnosis can change the belief system that doesn’t work
  • Getting every single transformational tool, you need to change the way you think.
  • Getting back lost time with family, enjoying their company, and just being her authentic self again
  • What these tools of transformation can bring to your own kids
  • What matters most – being happy and free

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