Why can you not seem to keep off that weight from increasing? Why get frustrated every time you’re not fitting into your pants? Why stay in a tumultuous relationship that’s not serving you well? Why stay in a job that doesn’t make you happy? Why can you not just walk away and stop being stuck?

The truth of the matter is, what you believe all along to be causing you to despair is not necessarily what the truth is all about. It’s more than that, and it’s way deeper into one’s subconscious. It goes back to past issues you’ve never taken the time to address and get over with altogether.

Dana Penenberg is a Reiki and an Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding practitioner; Dana combines her experiences in the modalities of dance, somatic disciplines, and psychology. Her work is potent and multi-disciplinary, which allows her to create a unique activation for each client.

She received her initiation as a healer-activator through a 12-year healing crisis, which saw her plunge into the worlds of allopathic, homeopathic and energetic medicines to find her way out of the crisis and into an understanding of how it works. It taught her to listen deeply on all levels. Dana is also a doula who has studied pre and perinatal psychology with Annie Brook.

In this episode, hear out Dana’s journey into healing and becoming a practitioner in Hypnosis. She shares about her clients’ patterns of behavior that are a massive influence in their healing process. She finds out that most of us find it easier to live a life of distraction rather than dwell on a difficult process at the start but a completely freeing sense of self in the end. What holds us back to complete freedom and reaching our highest potential is that fear of abandonment. We need to have a place to feel safe and taken care of. Hypnosis provides tools and modalities where you can ultimately be your authentic self, speaking your thoughts out, digging deep into the inner recesses of your being to fully uncover that which should be dealt with once and for all. It’s about healing those past traumas and deep wounds that cut through your being and staying there for some time and manifesting in ways even yourself has no way of knowing how to deal with it.

She talks about rewire and repattern. There is a way to reparent yourself and learn to love yourself again. Nature, too, has a lot to do with your healing. Reconnecting and co-regulating with it allows you to get back to your core. She has lots of tips on this matter that will help you deal with cravings for human touch, especially during COVID. Embarking on this Hypnosis journey enables you to focus on the source of the problem rather than on the symptom, a mistake most of us make and which often fails.

“We are our own little echo chambers of our subconscious stories, and we need that person to go in, and kind of hold that space from outside of our little chamber.”
– Dana Penenberg

Topics Covered:

  • 03:45 – Sharing her story of healing and how she got started in the somatic work of healing
  • 09:27 – The soul is calling for something deeper
  • 11:43 – Easier to live a life of distraction
  • 13:55 – Patterns of behavior seen in Hypnosis clients that are huge factor in their healing journey
  • 18:33 – Rewire and repattern
  • 20:12 – Focusing on the symptom rather than the source of the problem
  • 21:29 – What to do when you’re craving for physical touch, especially at this time of COVID
  • 22:43 – Reconnecting and co-regulating with nature, reparenting yourself and bringing it all up in the divine power
  • 26:09 – How to prepare yourself to create that space for something better to come
  • 29:51 – Why we need someone outside of our self to support us in going into our subconscious state

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