Relationships and permanent weight loss correlate. Food is not the problem; it is something else. It is only an outlet with which you use as a way out to numb whatever pain you feel inside. Many voices are running through your mind each day and telling you all these disempowering thoughts about yourself. When you think lowly of yourself, you also attract men and relationships that you’re projecting yourself. We have to bear in mind that the most important relationship that we have to master is that of our connection to our very selves. As one of the TEDx speakers said, you need to marry yourself. And marrying yourself means loving and accepting yourself the way you are, imperfect but just the same, amazing. But sometimes loving yourself is one difficult task to do especially when there is some trauma involved in the past that you weren’t aware of or even if you are aware of, it is embedded in your subconscious state and still needs healing.

Hypnosis provides tools to help you have a new awareness of your subconscious to make you love and accept yourself fully. When you have that self-awareness of your authentic self, that’s when things start to mirror back other relationships in your life. We have to accept the fact that it’s hard to be successful in relationships at this time. What with women demanding equal status with men that in so doing, we become logically thinking like them. Women forget to practice emotional mastery anymore, and men are not having instinctual ways of going after women. It’s because they’re finding it hard to deal with women who are too upfront. That is why it needs your openness to embrace my way of coaching to see a different result that works. That’s why we need to be intentional about the qualities of what we want in men; that we don’t settle for anything other than what we’ve already set before us. At the same time, we need to keep working on ourselves to be better for the one we’ve wanted.

If you are on the dating apps, be aware of the tips that will make men want you more and keep them working hard to give you that love and respect that you deserve. Always cultivate that love for yourself, don’t wait to be perfect, or when you’re good enough. You’re perfect just the way you are. When you learn to accept that, and you bask in the joy that you are enough, it will radiate. And the right one will come along before you know it. And it’s always good to have that growth mindset where you do what you do for yourself and not for any man because the least you think about doing it for such reason, that’s when it opens up opportunities for attracting the right one. And if you want to take action on a relationship that is not working and serving anyone anymore, Hypnosis for Permanent Loss might be the one for you. Take that action now. I am just a call away.

“There is no perfect, there is no there yet, there is no good enough. And if you’re waiting until you’re good enough, you’re never gonna find somebody who’s unconditionally loving and accepting of you just the way you are today. Because you’re not unconditionally loving and accepting of you just the way you are today.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • It’s not the food that is the problem – something else is!
  • What happens when you deny your authentic truth from speaking to you?
  • Introducing new awareness to your subconscious through Hypnosis
  • Getting a look at your relationship pattern
  • What’s the most important relationship should you ever master?
  • What it means to marry yourself
  • Subconscious mind mastery tools to help you unconditionally love yourself
  • Women not practicing emotional mastery and the intuition part anymore
  • Men not having instinctual ways of going after women
  • Talking to women who are open to coaching and not looking for sexist debates
  • Tips you can do when you go on dating apps
  • Why it’s harder for relationships to be successful these days
  • How to have conversations in a way that works for everybody
  • Dealing with the messages in your head about leaving a partner or moving on to the next relationship
  • How important is it to be clear about what you are looking for in a partner?
  • Don’t settle for less than what you’ve wanted for in a partner at the same time keep working on yourself
  • Don’t wait until you’re good enough!

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