Are you too obsessed over your body weight making you unsure of yourself? Have you been skeptical about so many things in life they add up to your stress? What have you been so scared about you don’t know what to do and you fail to embrace the real you?

For whatever reason, we all experience uncertainties and levels of anxiety in life. But whatever it is, there is always a way out.

Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss is a life-changing tool not only for your body weight issues but for all aspects of your life. Take it from Becca Price and how it has been a game-changer for her.

Becca Price is a graduate of Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Program. Listen to her as she relates her life-changing transformation.

In this episode, Becca shares about the anxiety, personal and professional issues, one on top of the other, that she went through herself. She was so lost at the time when she first heard about Leslie’s Hypnosis podcast. Listening to the first podcast episode made her realize, everything Leslie is talking about just completely describes her. That’s when she reached out and made a go for her transformation. Yes, her life has improved since. But mind you, it’s never that easy. As she would always point out, this sends us a strong message that ‘Persistence is Key and not Perfection’. She admits to somehow going the same rabbit hole at times, but with a completely better arsenal in her toolbox now, that makes her deal with things a lot wiser this time. She learned that when you are ready to let go of whatever that’s holding you back, that’s when things happen. She had therapy before. It was awesome, but to her, therapy alone won’t cut it. Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss gave her the ticket to her freedom.

“A number on a scale or number in my clothing does not define me. Feeling it and absorbing it was just life-changing.”
– Rebecca Price

Topics Covered:

  • 01:58 – How listening to Leslie’s first episode podcast became a game-changer for her
  • 05:24 – What breakthroughs those sessions with Leslie provided her life with
  • 09:37 – What happens when you’re ready to let go?
  • 10:46 – That amazing sense of accomplishment is just priceless
  • 14:22 – It’s not this ‘have to’ it’s because ‘I have to’
  • 16:01 – How therapy alone won’t cut it
  • 17:55 – Why she couldn’t embrace herself the first time she joins Leslie
  • 21:48 – Having a better arsenal in her toolbox now to deal with things
  • 25:04 – How are the tools in Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss helping in her everyday life experience?
  • 28:52 – Be kind to yourself.
  • 29:38 – What she does in Papua New Guinea and how Hypnosis has helped her deal with life there

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