Thanksgiving day is just around the corner; it may not be like the celebrations we used to have before, but definitely, there is holiday eating, family getting together and of course the stress that comes with it. If you are one to be scared about food and all the time thinking of dieting the whole day, then this could be pretty stressful for you. Obsessing over bodyweight, having a hard time thinking of the situation and you don’t have a space to feel safe about all your fears could affect your mental health. That drives isolation, and it’s real. And when you feel isolated, that’s when you get stuck with food and body image, and it’s unhealthy for you.

And with COVID happening right now, it just makes things all the more difficult. It can lead you to be thinking of things that make it even scarier. Often, that which you constantly think about is the one likely happening. Whatever it is that you put your thoughts into ends up a reality for you. When fear clouds everything you do and say, it limits yourself to be more – that which you are supposed to be.

Some may be gripped by fear, though. But you only have to look around, see, and realize that even during this time, some open opportunities for transformation. They’ve got a structure in place that provides you with a safe space to allay your fears. They’ve got a community; they’ve got inspired action to help you live your authentic truth. And Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss does just that. It helps you understand that life is just the way you look at it. If you believe the sky is falling, then that’s what you get, and it gets manifested. If you see life is happening for you and not to you, then you will trust yourself and others and be at peace with yourself. Take action now – you are meant for more.

“You’re getting present to your body, into yourself into, your truth, and your love, and your happiness now. And let me tell you when you master living in the present moment, an nd master living in the now, when you realize that life is happening for you, not to you, everything can start to open up.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • Thanksgiving, holiday eating, family stuff, and stress that come with it
  • Inevitable catastrophic thinking and stressful thoughts
  • Seeing an opportunity for transformation amidst the situation
  • What you think is likely going to happen.
  • Live for your authentic truth.
  • What happens when Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are met?
  • Hypnosis helps you self-actualize
  • Take action now – you are more than your thoughts

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