What’s holding you back and stopping you from getting that freedom in whatever you want in life?

Don’t get stuck in fear and the payoff that happens — these are all just in your mind. Let your desire for change surpass that which limits you by strengthening your muscle of self-trust.

Therese Skelly is a Business Mindset Expert. She is the Author of “Love Based Mission: How to Create A Business That Serves Your Soul”. After “burning it all down,” she has rebuilt and has a proven formula to show other business owners the path to creating a business that serves their souls.

In this episode, Therese shares how it is all about beliefs. It is about always reinforcing that thought that you can do it; otherwise, you back down to the old pattern your brain always wants to dwell on. It takes testing your muscle of self-trust. What brings us weight problems is not so much because of food but more of other aspects in life that we are failing, like in relationships, both business and personal, alike. We are just masking all of it with food out of fear of something else. We fear letting go of control, and we don’t seize the moment. We don’t let ourselves be in the present because all we think about are all those made-up beliefs that are ruining our ability to enjoy the moment and just be.

Her experience with trauma in the recent past teaches her to relearn that your thoughts are not what you are. We shouldn’t hold ourselves as victims of our past. Yes, we honor the hurts and pain, but it should never prevent us from always moving forward. This is where we often get stuck — in the past, when the present and the future holds so much promise. Listening to our body’s signal of truth and not just our own obsession, getting that self-awareness and acting on it — that’s freedom!

“If you understand the thing you desire is already yours, it’s already here — you just got to do the healing, just jump into it and take the actions to get there. Never give up because it’s already done.”
– Therese Skelly

Topics Covered:

  • 02:27 – How was it like transitioning from a psychotherapist to a life coach and finally to a business coach?
  • 08:44 – What’s with the use of a pendulum in the way she starts healing?
  • 13:33 – What is it like when you are deciding out of fear versus intuition
  • 19:25 – Therese’s thoughts on building up the muscle of being able to trust themselves and their intuition
  • 21:04 – How does she help someone come out of fear of her own self failing and losing contol?
  • 25:35 – How she got out of trauma and had to learn again that she isn’t her thoughts

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