Diet culture is making a mess of one’s life. One makes wrong of himself, and you feel bad for yourself for wanting what is normal. And this is most often where you fall off track. When all around you is controlled, not meeting your goal is the likelihood. There has to be a way to respond to your authentic self’s desires. Only when you lean on to that authentic self will you be free to move around, whether around food or whatever that is making you scared. We need to be able to distinguish a fear-based action versus actions based on self-love. Most often, there is that voice of a little child in us whispering for it to be given attention to and not to be ignored. If we tend to be kind enough to give in to this little voice’s request, we will have peace in ourselves. That which is controlled often fails. Always having in mind what other people think of you often rip you apart. Why not do what makes you happy and face your truth this time? I know it’s never easy, but you are not doing this alone. It takes a lot of practice and commitment to reach the other side of where you are now. If you keep falling back to where you were and still getting stuck, you have probably been climbing upstream against the tide.

Why not follow the path of least resistance this time? There is a way to teach your body a new pattern. There is a way to reparent your subconsciousness. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss provides a relaxing way to your freedom.

“The point is that anything you try and manage and control always at the end of the day fails, especially a diet.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • Recalling her own guilt feeling over food
  • How to have that inner peace – two essential actions you need to do
  • Fear-based action versus action based on self-love
  • Having a spiritual transformation coach on Leslie’s team to help you access your subconscious to feel safe again and get your body to believe it
  • What really is your authentic desire and truth?
  • Authentic desire versus fear
  • The need to be kind to that little child in us
  • What is intuitive eating?
  • Know the difference and be free
  • Stop living for other people, do what makes you happy
  • You don’t have to do it alone
  • Leslie’s reflection of her journey to freedom and being of help to more others out there
  • How about following a path of least resistance?
  • You’re not a failure, and don’t believe that you’re a failure
  • What’s the access to freedom, what’s the way to permanent weight loss?

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