Relationships are at the core of life. And when something is not working with it, that leads to emotional or stress eating. And it causes anxiety, anger, resentment, and sadness. And those are awful feelings one can have that no one wants to experience. What we want is to take care of ourselves and our emotions and be better at responding to people and situations. If there is one or any family member that frustrates you, think of one negative feeling you have and then counteract it with ten or twenty positive thoughts. This exercise will lead you to your transformation, changing the way you feel and think, controlling what you can, practicing conditional love for yourself and those who are causing you pain and disappointments. This is how you practice conscious leadership, conscious parenting, and mindfulness in your life.

All this can only be attained when you gain full mastery of your emotions, and what better way to get deeper into this than Hypnosis. As our mind is all too judging, what Hypnosis does is training the mind to slow it down so that you’re able to have that pause before you react. It’s when you heal those traumas and wounds embedded inside the subconscious that’s when you truly have the freedom that has always evaded you. Take action on your relationship with yourself, and with food, now. That’s the only way to go.

“If we can change the way we think, then we change the way we feel. And if we change the way we feel, we’re not eating as much. We’re not drinking as much; we’re not trying to numb ourselves away.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • Relationships being at the core of life and how it affects us emotionally causing overeating
  • An exercise to help you gain emotional mastery over what you can control
  • Conscious leadership, conscious parenting, and mindfulness
  • How does Hypnosis help in stressful situations?
  • Being too trusting or not too trusting
  • Responding from a centered rather than a wounded space
  • Getting past that stuff of extra chatter in your head
  • Things are not going to change unless you change
  • Our minds are always judging
  • If you’re putting other people in the box you’re doing the same thing to yourself
  • What practice of unconditional love can do for your relationships with yourself and with food
  • Don’t assume that you know the answer

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