It’s the time of the year again when we’re hopeful and wants to be off to a good start. That’s when resolutions come about. We are all eager to start the year right, and what better way to begin the whole year journey than starting it right with a positive thought and action. But most often than not we are just good at the start, somewhere along the way we falter. Often we say we want to lose weight but we never actually lose it; we progress a bit, but we just keep circling back to where we were.

The reason why this happens is, that is not what your authentic self truly wants. Perhaps what it wants is to have fun with family and friends, have the freedom, be comfortable around food and eat whatever you desire. Yes, to be truly happy about yourself and the body you are in and not be bound by restrictions coming from outside forces and voices that are not in keeping with what your true self wants.

With Facebook, Instagram, and the diet industry playing off our perfectionist, controlling, and people-pleaser selves, we fall into making choices from a place of fear rather than love. Those voices inside our heads that tell us we’re not good enough and that we don’t measure up to the world’s standard are all just in mind. Nothing happens when we listen to it; others’ expectations will always hold us. In the long run, we crumble, and we won’t amount to anything. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you focus more than just about weight loss; it’s about training your mind and body to find your authentic self. When you succeed at finding it, it opens doors of opportunities that you would never have imagined. This Hypnosis program gives you accountability and full support you need as you journey through your newfound freedom and authenticity. Take action now, and invest in yourself!

“The answer for permanency, the answer for consistency is finding your authentic truth and going after it with a vengeance.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • Why we always get back to square one with dieting
  • Looking back at her unrealistic expectations of dieting
  • How the diet industry plays off that part of you that’s a people-pleaser, controller, and perfectionist
  • Making a choice from a place of love
  • Challenge yourself to say yes to your desires
  • Successful people have a coach
  • How Hypnosis for permanent weight loss more than focus on weight loss
  • How a coach makes you stay accountable and makes you invest in yourself
  • Feel into your body and your intuition
  • Finding your authentic self and aligning with your truth

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