Are you feeling beaten down and not finding any solution? However you tried to lose weight, it is still a never-ending success-failure story. How about eating ice cream, pizza, or anything you crave for and lose weight, regardless?

You should believe it. Listen in to our guest in this episode and see for yourself how it is indeed possible with Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss.

In this episode, Kathy shares how she took the chance to try one more time another thing she has never tried before. Name it; she’s had everything she could ever think of just to ward off those unwanted pounds. Yes, it was successful for the time being, but ended up putting on the weight again. When she lost a significant amount of weight, she thought men would finally be attracted to her and love her. What turned out was, she just imagined it; she was still alone and unhappy. What’s worse, she went about eating everything and anything until she bloated back. Not until she joined the Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss program did she find out what was missing, after all! That made a big difference, indeed! She could only look back with gratitude and joy in her heart when she exclaimed, ‘Have the trees always been this green?’

“Here’s what I remember, I lost weight, and I said, ‘Now my life will be perfect.’ ‘And now men will love me.’ And now I can, and now I can. And it didn’t happen. It was still the same me. And so then I put the weight back on. And I said, ‘See, that didn’t work’. But it was the same old ‘me’ habits and ‘me’ patterns. And that’s what was missing. And that’s what I found with Leslie’s Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss.”
– Kathy, Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Graduate

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:29 – How Kathy and Leslie’s paths crossed and Kathy joining the program
  • 04:47 – Just how bad her life before Hypnosis than she cares to admit
  • 06:27 – Attempts at losing weight that didn’t work in the end
  • 09:10 – What is it about the ‘me parts’ of her life in the past that made her unhappy
  • 13:34 – Getting into the emotion, spending time to feel, and acknowledging it
  • 20:55 – Letting go of the junk in her life and just being in the present
  • 24:30 – It is just so much better when you are happy
  • 26:21 – Be scared but jump in!
  • 30:02 – We’re giving creatures[women], but we’ve got to give to ourselves

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