Sometimes it’s a cliche to hear it — Love yourself! And what does that even mean? Whether we realize it or not, we are caregivers, especially with our loved ones and other people. And as we become so focused on caring for others, we take ourselves on the backseat. By the end of the day, we are all worn out and don’t have enough time to care for ourselves. What happens is, we keep putting off taking action on what we want to do and eventually makes us lose trust in ourselves. And when we lose trust, that’s when we bring ourselves to the pit of despair and hopelessness. We become unkind to our very selves that we keep thinking we’re not good enough that we’ll never amount to anything, we’re not attractive enough to find someone to love us. All these become signs of being needy, and when you need outside forces to validate you, you’ll never get to the other side of where you are now. When you feel you are enough and you are complete on your own that’s when you find your true self, and that’s when opportunity abounds.

How do you learn to get past the limiting beliefs and finally learn to say loving things to yourself? What if there are tools to help you deal with the myriad of emotions you feel making your life miserable? Come to think of it, what makes you still get stuck with food is the idea that you want to change because of others’ desires and not of your wanting. The reason why diets don’t work is that you just want to put off the weight and not deal with the real reason you have an unhealthy relationship with food. Even if you keep on dieting, you will always fall off track if you are coming from a place of hating your body. Fear-based actions will only keep you from truly finding your happiness. When you find freedom in whatever you do and make empowered choices, especially around food and whatever aspect of your life, you will have peace that you aspire to give you that ultimate joy and freedom not found anywhere else but inside you. You only have to love yourself and take action now.

“I say to people all the time, the only thing that’s wrong with you is the belief that you think that there’s something wrong with you. We need to work on those beliefs that you think are — there’s something wrong with me, I can’t be fixed, I’m fundamentally broken. Forgive yourself for having that thought. Know that those are just thoughts, not who you are, and then change it into a loving belief.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • What it means to love yourself and what does it do with permanent weight loss
  • How you lose trust in yourself when you tell yourself you are doing it but actually not
  • What happens when you take action driven by somebody else’s wants and desires
  • Why are other people have a huge piece of pizza and cake yet stay so small
  • Why do we have the pain, struggle, suffering, and we can’t seem to put off the weight?
  • The many reasons why you are still stuck with food
  • Tools to help you let those unwanted emotions go
  • What difference saying loving things to yourself everyday can do to you
  • What would be possible if you learn how to love yourself, and you don’t need that external love to feel complete
  • What would it be like if you could learn how to soothe yourself and not dump your emotions on someone else?
  • What is it you want to attract and create in your life?
  • Why do you need to practice these tools?
  • Learn how to celebrate life and accept your body
  • Love-based actions versus fear-based actions
  • Why don’t diets work?
  • What is the only thing that is wrong with you that isn’t true?
  • Your relationship is a direct mirror of your inner dialogue of what’s happening with you
  • Don’t delay. Take action. Love yourself.

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