Things can sometimes get so overwhelming, we hit levels of burnout, we feel completely helpless in situations and things seem to be impossible at times.

Not even the best of our attempts and effort would make sense.

There’s only so much that we can control. Find strength in surrender.

Joshua Dean Church is the Director of Operations at High Impact Coaching. He helped the founder scale to multiple 7-figures and a team of 20 in less than 4 years. He helped dozens of other business owners scale with ease so they can work ON their business rather than IN it. Worked closely with hundreds of high performers – from entrepreneurs to executives, and lawyers to artists – to help them achieve more while also enjoying more. He is the host of Find the Others podcast, helping ambitious people play at a higher level.

In this episode, Josh talks about his style of coaching how he lets everyone live in the real world in the present moment. And that’s where that attitude connects with the mission he has for his podcast and that is to find people living the miracle and seeing the miracle that is life and having fun with it. As to him, to be fully alive, you just have to grow in faith. Just like dipping in cold water, if you try to beat it, it wins over you. But if you surrender to it, it embraces you. Just like in your life, with the diet mentality you’ve been made to believe and live with for many years, nothing is happening as you are still on the up and down journey of losing weight. You’ve been made to control everything when what this is all about is, letting go, and having that emotional mastery of not having to be scared around food and having the freedom to enjoy it. Life is always peppered with challenges along the way; it is a matter of seeing how you can turn it around and do something good about it for yourself and for others to a greater extent.

“That seemingly horrible thing that happened to me kind of started me looking at the world a bit differently. Like, where else in my life are there challenges that might have led to something beautiful; and in real time where else, as I’m experiencing challenges, how might this be leading me to something more beautiful?”
– Joshua Dean Church

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 03:11 – The mission of his podcast, ‘Find the Others’
  • 06:07 – A more dynamic integrative game of coaching people
  • 09:33 – A matter of mental stimulation
  • 12:11 – A challenging experience inspired him to get into mindset stuff
  • 13:37 – Talking about a poem he wrote that channeled something powerful in his life and others
  • 15:26 – Connecting the dots going backward
  • 16:39 – There’s a lot of strength in surrender
  • 17:01 – The pharmacy in our brain we can tap into through work
  • 23:29 – Surrendering and accepting faith in something greater than yourself
  • 25:22 – What do you have to lose?


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