You may have been asking the same thing, why can you not lose weight all this time, why can you not stick to your nutritional plan, why is all your weight coming on and off? Taking a closer look at your truth will reveal many things about your weight situation. Everything is not all about food; it goes back to the poor body image we have of ourselves. Food in and of itself is not the problem. Other areas of our life, like relationships, unexpected circumstances happening, maybe are not all right. That’s where we need to look. Perhaps we are not dealing well with them; we are not acknowledging that we are going through something. We might be denying that there are failures in some aspects of us, or else we haven’t completely processed yet the hurts and losses we have been experiencing. All these significantly affect our weight gain or loss.

If we continue to push against our truth, it will continue to be there. Not addressing the main issue will get us deep down into the pit of the problem, and it would never get us anywhere.

Becoming aware of the noise in our minds is one thing. Taking action is an entirely different thing that would spell something that would take us closer to our goal of having peace and freedom for ourselves. To be on the other side of where we are now, we need to get out of fear of the unknown – what if I fail again, what if I won’t sustain it?

This is why we have the support system and the tools to help us when things get hard. This Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss program equips you with all these. And having a coach will help keep you in alignment with your truth whenever you fall off track. Wanting something good for yourself is never easy, but those hard things bring you the greatest gifts. And that’s where a lifetime of transformation happens.

“Do what your heart is asking you to do and everything will start working. Do what your heart is asking you to do and then your weight loss can be permanent. And you can have the same kind of peace and freedom around food, body and weight that I have today.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:51 – Leslie sharing her journey of weight loss and how it was like
  • 08:13 – How our bodies react and respond when we are not listening to our higher truth
  • 08:47 – Becoming resourceful and making things happen
  • 11:37 – How manifestation works in your life
  • 14:41 – Why can you not stick to that diet?
  • 17:31 – You can’t deny what your truth is
  • 21:10 – What happens when you push hard against what your truth is
  • 23:08 – How the hardest thing leads to the greatest gifts
  • 23:31 – What is Hypnosis for a Permanent Weight Loss program all about?
  • 26:13 – The new way of living life
  • 27:59 – Taking action and getting a coach
  • 30:37 – Having faith and trusting your path even if your weight is way up right now
  • 32:27 – Taking ownership for things to happen to you
  • 35:47 – Having the tools and system of support to get through those difficult times
  • 39:42 – How do you respond to weight depends on where your place is right now

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