It seems like many gravitate toward the superficial and pursue that which stops many from fully realizing one’s potential.

How do you unpack the juiciness of life that is inside of you all along?

Learn about self-awareness and go after the big, real, and true things in your life.

Hannah Hermanson is on the Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss team and helps in the success coach area and clients with the Hypnosis program.

In this episode, Hannah shares what she had to go through to land her path to wellness and self-fulfillment finally. She used to be that girl obsessing about food, having the skinny and the fittest body you could ever have, body weight, and body image. She was putting her effort into things that suppress her from becoming more.

In being trapped to believe in her own bubble, that’s when she hit rock bottom. When you come to that point, you only have two choices – either you sink, or you swim, and she chose to pivot and start anew, and it opened herself to possibilities she never thought possible before.

How she came out of that dark period in her life is a testament to how we can win over the many noises and chatter in our minds that are not serving us. As to her, it’s either you embrace the discomfort now on your path to healing, or you remain forever in the misery of not growing and expanding and fully claiming your freedom and inner peace.

“It’s this gift and a privilege to be an onion. Think about onions in the market. They’re all scraped up and messy and flaky, literally like clicking around. And you take it home and you can peel it, each layer gets a little more solid, gets a little more clean, gets a little more delicious. It’s a little more full of flavor. We’re the same way.”
– Hanna Hermanson

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 03:40 – What led to her path of mindfulness, meditation, and winning her mental state back
  • 08:13 – Starting her own personal journey on how to relate with food
  • 10:54 – Getting into rock bottom, pivotal moment, and introspection to really move through the chaos and noise
  • 16:20 – Allowing yourself to break some rules, hanging out with new people, and start to see a different path for yourself
  • 21:13 – Not sticking to prescription and getting it all real
  • 23:18 – What made her get drawn to the yoga community
  • 24:56 – Love being the best treatment
  • 26:10 – The experience and the community are what got her
  • 28:27 – That piece of acceptance in Hypnosis
  • 29:11 – Paying it forward
  • 34:38 – The onion metaphor

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