For many of us, we get stuck, and we fail to reach our full potential to earn or to be whatever we want to become for the reason of fear. Staying in our comfort zone gives us security but fails to open up for more opportunities.

How do you uplevel yourself from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance?

Brooke Ritchie is a money mindset coach, with a big heart, and even bigger dreams. She is obsessed with growth, going to the beach, and living her best life….while occasionally jumping on her mini trampoline!

In this episode, Brooke shares how her relationship with money is influenced by how she was brought up. How she turned it around and let the opportunities flow in is something to look forward to. There is also something about that inner work that she talks about so that what appears outside reflects it. She underscores the need to understand your past and heal it to get over money blocks that keep you from growing.

Learn how to invest in yourself, so you become and receive more. Just like what she did before, she encourages everyone to do it anyway, even amidst fear. No one’s responsible for your success except you. Find out why tapping your network is just as important as any other wealth.

Keep in mind that when you pay more, you pay more attention. And that will help you get closer to your goal because you are worth investing in.

“We think we want everything on the outside when it’s really the opposite, you go inside, and then everything outside mirrors back the conversation within.”
– Brooke Ritchie

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 05:00 – Talking about her own scarcity mindset story and getting past it
  • 09:24 – What her life was like before and why she got herself a coach
  • 12:33 – How the past has to do with where you’re at now
  • 15:48 – Healing the past and getting over money blocks
  • 18:23 – You are worth investing in
  • 20:22 – Getting scared but doing it anyway
  • 26:05 – Holding responsible for your own success
  • 28:21 – Feeling the feelings
  • 31:01 – Going inside and everything outside mirrors back
  • 36:39 – People who pay more, you pay more attention
  • 40:32 – Your network is your social wealth

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