This Bariatric surgeon’s story about why people fall off the track in their weight loss resonates truly with what the Hypnosis program is all about. Many kept going back to her and confided in how they’ve gained weight after surgery. What is actually lacking here is that they lack integrity in other areas of their lives. The reason why we need these four pillars of permanent weight transformation for weight loss to happen. Once other areas of your life are not in sync, then the medical aspect would manifest it. These three other pillars: emotional, environment, and mental should be taken care of because, surely, when you are down on these aspects, most likely your medical [the fourth pillar] result would show it. Thus, likely resulting in stress and making it evident in your weight gain.

Just like putting off those unwanted pounds, you need to love and respect your body first, understand it; then weight loss happens. It’s about doing what you love doing for yourself and being completely present at the moment. Things will never work if you always mind what others want for you. It has to be what you want for yourself. We need to focus on what is good for us and not what they think is good for us. Living life on your terms and not others should be what you set out to fulfill. Know what you want and take action on it, so you get to the road of inner peace and freedom.

“We need to learn how to love and accept our bodies today. And then we can lose weight, even though we have all the evidence that we’re unhealthy, that we’re fat, that we’re failing at life.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:46 – A Bariatric surgeon’s story that validates Hypnosis’ program
  • 02:39 – Four pillars of transformation of actual permanent weight loss
  • 04:54 – Why the medical aspect is the last one to manifest when all the other three are neglected
  • 06:31 – How do these three other pillars relate to Leslie’s leaving the nursing profession, and what we can take away from that
  • 06:51 – Foremost that we need to do to lose weight even if all the evidence is there
  • 07:25 – Do the thing you love, and learn how to communicate a new boundary with your family
  • 08:13 – What should you focus on right now?

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