Some people can hold themselves accountable to themselves, but some can’t.

Why can we not pay as much attention to losing weight as we do in other important areas in our life?

How can we go further and faster with just not ourselves to do that?

Renee Jones spent 40 years on that Diet Yo-Yo, and in 2012, she finally smashed it by overcoming emotional eating and has maintained her healthy weight since then.

Her mission is to help others who struggle with their weight, who look to food for stress relief and to soothe themselves. No diet, exercise routine, or magic diet potion can counter the effects when we’ve stuffed down our feelings and followed it with a food chaser. We have to heal our hearts. When we face our stuff, we no longer need to stuff our faces.

With a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Clinical Residency, she utilizes traditional and contemporary models as well as relaxation and horse-assisted methods to help her clients free themselves by addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. In 2011, she opened an international private practice in counseling, serving clients and colleagues in the U. S., United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, India, Vietnam, South Africa, Romania, Australia, and New Zealand.

In this episode, Renee shares how she had all this emotional baggage she carried with her, having this belief, and this feeling of not being acceptable, being too much or not good enough.

How she has not believed in herself for so long, thinking she’s never attractive and skinny enough to attract anyone, was such an eye-opener for her the moment she knew she needed to change.

Find out how travel and life experiences help you to look beyond yourself and your focus on food.

She actually found an acronym for questions she needed to ask herself to get past her food dilemma, and this has worked for her. Find out about it; it might help you, too.

When you feel like your cravings win over you, she has the best solution to that without depriving yourself but still having an awareness of trusting your food decision.

Often, we look for solutions that give us fast results, but when it comes to emotional mastery why should we give it more time and practice it needs just like other areas of our life?

The memory we attach to food gives an insight into our focus on it. Learn what it is, recognize it, understand it and deal with it.

There has to be healing in every transformation before the total turnaround, and it’s important to allow yourself to go through it to move ahead.

There is no one-solution-fits-all; that’s why you need to find out what works for you.

Staying on your track to reach your goal is not easy; that’s why Renee suggests that if you can’t hold yourself accountable, find someone else to do that for you.

Hence, finding a community that understands your journey and has your back every step of the way is a big help.

“I had to face my stuff. So I would no longer need to stuff my face for comfort.”
– Renee Jones

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:53 – The emotional baggage she had to deal with growing up
  • 04:45 – If she had believed more in herself
  • 06:06 – What helped her get out of the wrong mentality about herself
  • 12:25 – The crucial questions you need to ask yourself to overcome your obsession over food
  • 14:14 – Why go get it
  • 14:58 – What she says to clients who are having cravings
  • 19:46 – Give yourself some grace to learn
  • 23:37 – Why don’t we give emotional mastery the same time and practice as we do other things in life?
  • 26:48 – The need to find what works for your body
  • 33:30 – What memory do you attach your food with
  • 35:10 – Recognizing helps and give it the attention it needs
  • 37:53 – Wounds have to heal before you are ready to move forward
  • 39:51 – Figure out your goal and stay on your path towards it – Click here for your Compass Exercise:

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