Why can you not lose weight until now and after grabbing every diet plan you can get out there? What has been going on in your mind all along? What do those inner voices tell you?

Early on in life, each of us is made to believe what social media, our friends, and even our family have fed our thoughts with that we take them as something that truly matters. And that contributed much to our beliefs and feelings that have dragged us down way lower into despair. We listen to everything that everyone on every side is saying.

We put labels on the food that we eat as good or bad, and they are not. Our minds only create those thoughts. We are pressured to look good because it’s the standard society tries to make us believe. That peer pressure is there; that feeling of trying to fit in is so intense that you just fail even how hard you try to control everything about food.

And that’s where you blame yourself for being a failure, and that creates a cycle of an off-on relationship with your weight loss. That’s creating pressure on you for wanting to be perfect all the time, and when things do not go as expected, everything falls off again. And you get angry at yourself for not living up to everyone’s expectations.

That is where you are not getting it right. That internal warzone in your head continues to be there up until we don’t look further beyond food and those beliefs that make us stuck to where we are still in our life at this time.

How about listening to your own voice this time and what you really want for yourself? What about facing your fear this time, whatever that is? For all you know, your struggle is not so much about food; it just seems to be. Look at other areas of your life that need your attention, and you are scared to face them.

How about getting to love and accept yourself and your body this time. You may not realize it, but that’s what it needs for the longest time. Why not talk to yourself gently, patiently, and allow it to be imperfect as it does at times. Why not look deep into your subconscious this time, and let it be rewired in repetition and emotional mastery?

This is what Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss does — talking to your inner child to have that lasting inner peace and freedom you deserve even amidst imperfections. Being with a bunch of beautiful people who talk more than just about fitting into their bathing suits and more about intimate and deeper life conversations and situations that truly matter.

If you are ready for that, we are just here, prepared to journey with you on to your path to lasting and true happiness.

“Ain’t nobody coming. You’re the one that has to come for you. You’re in charge of making your days the way that you want to feel. You’re in charge of taking your relationship with your food, body, and weight into your own hands.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:20 – Listen to the voice in your head
  • 02:29 – Self-sabotage
  • 03:35 – It’s not your fault, and you have been hypnotized
  • 05:14 – You are so much greater than your beliefs about body and weight
  • 06:33 – What about your voice, and what do you really want?
  • 10:37 – What difference would that make if you change that inner voice around?
  • 14:28 – What could happen when you decide that you do want something more than that internal battle?
  • 15:16 – Think of all the amazing possibilities that can happen to you
  • 16:28 – Let your subconscious be rewired
  • 17:15 – You’re in charge!
  • 17:47 – What these beautiful women say about their life now being in Hypnosis program

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