Have you looked closely at yourself lately? Don’t you feel like everything is fine with your job and your life, but deep inside, there is some misalignment?

You love your job, but how come your anxiety is too much to bear. Before you know it, it has completely gotten the life out of you.

Emilie Richardson is a registered nurse and a certified health coach. And she started multiple businesses in the health field, drawing from her personal experience and working in the healthcare system, dealing with anxiety health issues, and now helps other nurses lose weight permanently and stop feeling like crap.

In this episode, Emilie shares how her life was, with anxiety attacks getting messier as years go by. As she would describe, her job added up to what was already a very uncomfortable situation she was in.

Being a nurse and assigned a night shift schedule, in one way, contributed to it, but more than that, there was something not making sense.

The moment she digs down inside and starts finding ways to help herself, that’s when things slowly brighten up for her and her life.

She started committing to self-care and finding food that helps in addressing her gut problem and anxiety issues. In no time, her fellow nurses noticed a significant transformation in her and kept consulting for advice on gaining back the vitality that is often lost when you are busy caring for others.

How she completely turned around her anxiety struggles and body issues results from how she’s found what she completely loves doing.

Listen to her talk about her journey to wellness and wellbeing. And how she advocates investing in yourself. Because as she said, the moment you realize you have so much to give, you’ve got to pour yourself first.

Only when you have found your truth will you embrace your freedom. And that’s so true for her. You’ve got to listen to her story.

“You are worth it, you are worth investing in yourself, whether that is self-care, or trainings and programs and everything. You are worth every dime, hour, minute that you pour into yourself. And it is incredibly important as nurses, for us to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our patients and our loved ones in the way that they deserve.”
– Emilie Richardson

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:50 – What life was like before getting out of that dark stage
  • 04:29 – How bad were those anxiety attacks she had?
  • 05:51 – What added up to her anxiety back then?
  • 08:14 – The stressful factors that added up to her condition at that time
  • 10:24 – Finding a new passion for life and energy
  • 12:45 – What it was like transitioning from nursing to coaching
  • 17:33 – What got her into the nursing profession
  • 20:16 – How has her self-care changed after getting into coaching and how it has helped her overall health?
  • 25:12 – Emilie’s encouraging words for everyone

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