What you are most capable of giving is the very same thing that you need the most.

Sure, everyone sees you as the happiest, the most loving, the most humorous they can get to be around with, but deep inside, you are a disaster.

In this episode, meet Heather, a Hypnosis for permanent weight loss graduate who works in talent development and human resources. As she said jokingly, her job is making sure people enjoy going to work every day. Otherwise, she would be having a bad day.

For as long as she can remember, her life has been a constant on and off diet setup. As she looks back, she’s always filled her time with work as she always wants something to occupy her mind. She always has this idea that getting work, having one full-time job and three other part-time ones, is proving her worth.

Yes, she enjoys time with friends, having a good laugh with them, but deep inside, she’s a wreck. She ends up sleeping her worries away overnight and wakes up hungover the next day and still facing the same issues she couldn’t care to give attention to and deal with herself.

At home, she is someone who has this ‘I got it’ thing, who’s in charge of everything, and any offer of help from family members is just put aside.

She never realized until she joined Hypnosis that the very thing she’s projecting are the same things she needs the most. That’s why she spends tons of money going to the doctor and maintaining more than one medicine that has not given her relief regarding her stomach issues.

Not until she puts herself in the program that she realizes she deserves to be on the receiving end of help. She keeps looking for validation from others when only she can give it herself.

She has seen progress on this journey, and what used to be a day of taking seven medicines turned to only one, and how she feels better with only that and not complaining about stomach pains.

What’s amazing is that she has decided to give up a part-time job, she has let down all walls, she asks for help. Those are just proof that she is on her way to opening the floodgates to freedom and inner peace.

If you resonate with Heather and want the progress for yourself, you can join us, and let’s journey together.

“I would say there’s hope out there. And there’s a moment in your life when you need to realize that this is your moment to invest in yourself. There’s hope; there are people out there that feel just like you, and just because nobody in your circles is talking about it doesn’t mean they’re not in the same boat. Advocate for yourself and sign up. It’s a life-changing moment.”
– Heather

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:00 – Heather making everyone happy at work
  • 02:58 – What does she equate her job with?
  • 03:59 – Taking a look at her so-called ‘self-care’
  • 05:36 – A life of diet and beating up herself
  • 07:10 – The definition of crazy in her words
  • 09:28 – Humor as her coping mechanism
  • 11:47 – Feeling so low about herself
  • 04:29 – Get out of people that are not serving you
  • 17:20 – That feeling of being unworthy to be helped
  • 19:08 – It’s a matter of mindset shift
  • 20:01 – How has it been for her practicing receiving help?
  • 22:09 – Sharing about the support she’s getting from the Hypnosis program
  • 24:55 – Recognizing the triggers and knowing now how to approach them without fear
  • 29:15 – The proof that the Hypnosis program is working for her
  • 31:02 – How getting all those jobs just means proving her worthiness even amidst the stress
  • 34:15 – Hypnosis helping her do away with the medicines she’s taking
  • 36:13 – How she thought there was wrong with her, but there actually wasn’t
  • 39:46 – Things started getting better two weeks into the program
  • 42:14 – Her inspiring message

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