The thing with diet is the notion of control. And with control comes fear. When you want to lose weight, this is not a good place to start from.

How do you permanently lose weight without having to diet?

In this episode, an Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss graduate, Felicia, shares how things were before she met Leslie. Early on in her life, she was already battling off anxiety, depression, and mental illness; they were coming on and off.

To her, food was her refuge, that whenever there’s an emotional charge happening, the first instinct is to turn to food.

She was no stranger to therapy and all the healing modalities out there. In fact, she had tried many. Yes, they have greatly helped her deal with her condition, but there’s something in Hypnosis that separates it from them.

The first time she came across Leslie’s podcast, she kept asking herself what else she does not know about the healing arts world that Hypnosis will allow her to learn about.

As they say, the rest is history, and she’s never been happier with her decision to join the Hypnosis program.

Let’s find out and listen to Felicia; what’s the one unique thing in Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss like no other that she had tried that has worked for her that will work for you, too.

“Diets don’t work. I would say that this is so much more than therapy and diets and exercising all the time. And this for me, I don’t like to generalize for other people, I don’t like to tell people what they need to do, I can only talk from my experience and say, this has been transformative for me. And it’s worth it.”
– Felicia

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:17 – Sharing her interest in healing modalities and how it helped her deal with her anxiety and sets the groundwork for what she does now
  • 04:52 – How Hypnosis has opened up a new way of parenting herself
  • 06:41 – Having the empowered choice to go on medication and try other sources of healing
  • 08:36 – How does Hypnosis differ from all the healing methods she went through
  • 13:56 – What made Felicia decide to work with Leslie
  • 18:17 – Talking about the factors that influence one’s mental health
  • 21:03 – How she can show up despite moments of failures
  • 27:18 – Making peace with parts of her body that are not in alignment
  • 29:49 – Setting boundaries
  • 30:34 – Bringing the awareness and turning to tools to help you get on with life
  • 33:34 – Taking the emotional charge out of food
  • 35:53 – Bingeing and the craving for something other than just food
  • 38:24 – How does that obsessive thinking look like
  • 41:20 – One thing that makes the whole difference of her getting attracted to the Hypnosis program
  • 42:01 – The big difference between the old and the new Felicia now
  • 44:07 – How she ended up working with Leslie with knowing not a thing about her other than from the podcast
  • 46:27 – Pushing herself out of the comfort zone
  • 47:49 – What she says to the person who is like her before and is waiting for that one little inspiration to take action finally

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