Have you tried far too many diets that you already lost count of, and still nothing works with your weight?

How about trying different programs and meditation classes to end your weight and body image issues?

Even the abovementioned didn’t do anything either.

In today’s episode, Gaby, a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss graduate, shared how she was on the brink of depression until she found Leslie’s program.

To her, she was having a hard time loving herself and the body she has. She is so successful in other areas of her life as she is a practicing lawyer and doing well in her profession. She has a happy family life—no question about that. But, when it comes to her weight, that’s where she does not see alignment.

On top of all these, she is a Yoga teacher, at the same time, a coach. To add to that, she has tried all sorts of meditation, practices clean living, and a lot more. But deep inside, she’s not finding any resonance of a happy life to her body issues.

She feels not being enough. Many times she feels not showing up to her Yoga class because of the weight she’s gained. She feels as though she’s been on the hamster wheel of the diet mentality-being successful now at losing weight, and the moment she stops, the same cycle happens, and there she is bloating up again. And that’s how it has been for most of her life.

To think that she is a coach and she practices Yoga, she could have handled it well. But her story proved otherwise. And just when she is ready to give up, Leslie’s Hypnosis program saves her.

Just when she tells herself what more can she learn from the program that she has not learned from all those she had before, now, she is here to tell you that Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss is making a tremendous difference in her life.

She thought she’d never find peace in the body that she has. But now, with Hypnosis, she’s learned to love herself, and all she cares about is living life, being happy, healthy, and ultimately free for life!

“Go for it, definitely. With eyes closed, go for it, give it a try, you will not regret it. Every lesson, every coaching session will bring you something of great value for your life, let alone weight because obviously, it will help you with your weight journey. But it will give you amazing tools that when you put them all together, you will find freedom, joy for life, enjoying food. And you know, all the shifts that happen during the program are so worth it.”
– Gaby

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 03:49 – Gabby’s struggle of self-acceptance and self-love and her introduction to Hypnosis
  • 05:39 – Her family and professional background
  • 07:13 – What that internal struggle of her body issues was like every day
  • 10:22 – What separates Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss from any other she had tried
  • 14:21 – Owning her story and radiating all the happiness
  • 18:05 – Just caring about being happy, healthy, free, and enjoying herself regardless
  • 19:27 – A complete turnaround of what she thought about herself before Hypnosis
  • 23:02 – What she loves to tell someone who is in the same boat as she was before

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