Have you been feeling alone and questioning your self-worth?

It’s actually one of the worst emotions anyone could feel. That restricts you from being fully present and doing what you are capable of.

In today’s episode, Lisa gets to acknowledge the mixed emotions she has been feeling these past months that have taken a toll on her mental health, relationship with her kids, and even herself.

With the pandemic still not letting up and people not getting together as they used to before, it is indeed frustrating.

With someone like her who just moved to a new place with no other adults beside her, only kids around, this sometimes triggers emotional thoughts that would send you nuts.

And if you do nothing about it, chances are, you will get stuck where you are and not move ahead.

And that is something we don’t want for ourselves and anyone, for that matter.

Let’s accompany Lisa and see for ourselves how Leslie uses one of Hypnosis’ tools and coaches Lisa to get into her body and transform from being that scared woman who is full of self-doubt and fear to one who is brave and empowered.

“Even though it’s scary, I am brave enough. I can be scared and be brave, and feel a whole lot better about doing it and still get what I want.”
– Lisa

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:40 – How Lisa has been doing right now
  • 04:55 – Lisa getting a feeling of empty space inside
  • 06:33 – How those swirling thoughts affect her daily life, relationship with her kids, and even herself
  • 10:03 – Leslie coaching Lisa to get into her body and acknowledge what she’s feeling and slowly bringing her out of that scarcity mindset
  • 19:39 – The positive outcome after coming out of Leslie’s coaching
  • 24:17 – What she wants to tell anyone who is going through the same situation as her

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