What your emotional world looks like and how you respond to it can be framed as part of your inner child acting out. What influences this pattern of behavior goes back from zero to ten years of when we were born. What happens during those times are deeply embedded in the subconscious, and when triggers appear, that’s when it surfaces, usually in the latter part of life.

At some point in our childhood, we have been subjected to some trauma, including rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and injustice. All these show symptoms at one point or another. For the most part, though, we don’t admit it contributes to our obsession with food one way or another.

Whatever we truly need in our life, instead of finding the right cure for it, we try to numb it with food. Hence, our constant struggle with body weight and body image. And what’s even sadder is we refuse to acknowledge that scary part that could have been the first step to a lifetime of freedom.

The good thing with the Hypnosis program is the awareness of these behavioral patterns that come out every time these traumas are stirred up. This time you don’t deal with it just like you let it under the rug. The good thing is, you have the tools ready to face it and deal with it the best way.

It’s like you don’t have to deal with diets anymore. Your life becomes way more than just about food. You don’t obsess about it anymore. There are far more beautiful things you can set your mind on other than food.

And what’s more good about it is, you don’t get scared around food. Because that’s when you can trust yourself, and that inner child within you is assured of a safe place where she can stay peacefully.

Isn’t that liberating? Come and take that first step now and on to your journey of a lifetime of transformation.

“It’s not to say that there’s any perfect day or utopia; it’s always a work in progress. But if you don’t have some support in those areas, then the first place you’re going to continue to turn to in those stressful moments or feel out of control is food. While the path of health and wellbeing is a never-ending journey, it starts, and it begins and ends within, you going on that journey with it.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:10 – Inner child work – what is that?
  • 02:58 – Coaching a client on how to respond differently when negative emotion is triggered
  • 05:44 – Something helpful when it came to the ‘inner child’ thing
  • 06:38 – What is less important, and what does really matter to you?
  • 07:31 – Four types of trauma, the symptoms, and what you can do to overcome them
  • 12:13 – The reason why we have panic and anxiety around food
  • 13:53 – What you need to know about the path to wellbeing
  • 16:04 – There has to be another answer to this weight loss thing other than just dieting and exercising
  • 17:00 – A life way more than food now
  • 18:37 – What makes the Hypnosis program unique
  • 19:54 – Hypnosis program is not a weight-loss plan; it’s more than that
  • 21:25 – Why you don’t have to look anywhere else

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