Many of us live life in the fast lane — juggling different roles in life, busy with respective careers, or running businesses. There is just so much going on that even self-care takes a backseat or even retreating for just a pause is hardest to do.

That’s how people are; we switch on to our daily concerns in life that even if there is chaos, stress and some turmoil inside, we just put it aside for some time and continue with life. We compartmentalize things so as to postpone what we can do now until everything settles down and is perfectly okay.

We always have this on-the-go mentality, chasing for that perfect life we want to create, being that perfectionist creature that we are. But somewhere in between, things don’t go as we want them to, and that’s when frustrations, anger, and emotional dilemmas set in.

That’s also when we obsess over food; we go into the trap of manipulating our weight and body that we end up having on and off weight issues.

How long do you have to stay on the sidelines and not face your fear and not take action?

With Hypnosis, you get to be on the fast lane with less overwhelm, taming all the chaos and noise inside.

Hypnosis finds a way to get you out of food and body obsession; before you know it, you are not thinking about food for most of the day. And if ever you do think about it, you face it not with fear but with self-awareness.

“In order for us to get on that permanent weight loss train, we have to get good at juggling the different things. But and without the chaos, without the mess, without the chatter, without the stress, without the freak out.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:05 – It’s not about waiting for the time when things settle and are perfect that you take action
  • 03:46 – How most people compartmentalize their lives
  • 05:31 – Building the habit of self-care now while juggling the many roles in life you play every day
  • 06:33 – What needs to be done to get on that permanent weight-loss train
  • 06:49 – How to squeeze in self-care in between doing your tasks and work every day
  • 08:12 – A life of fear versus a life of abundance
  • 09:45 – How Hypnosis lets you overcome manipulation and control of your weight and body all the time
  • 11:25 – Don’t just fill up with food the chaos inside you

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