It feels so frustrating going over the same issue over and over again every day. Now, you feel so happy and ecstatic making it, at times you hate your body, some days you feel desperate, and you see every bit of flaw there is that you can find. Think of all the controls and restrictions you have to go through. I know, it’s not exciting at all.

You don’t want this to happen for the rest of your life. Every day that you are in this madness obsessing over your body and weight, things only get complicated. You don’t notice it, but whatever noise you feel inside, you are just shutting it off with whatever you can alleviate it with. But mind you, you are just going in circles, with no real life-transforming mindset and outlook.

How about not thinking about food, weight, body issues, what other people think about you, and all those unfounded reasons for the chaos inside? How about facing those fears this time, taking the courage to take action, and soar high to your lasting happiness? How about feeling fulfilled, satisfied, and joyful in whatever weight you are in and celebrating yourself every day – in whatever body shape you have?

Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you show the world to everlasting freedom. Just take action now.

“Love yourself. I know you’re a caregiver; you think about everybody else, do it for you, find the space, make the space, make the time. It’s one phone call with us to change the entire trajectory of your entire life. Whether it’s with us or not, one call, one action. One step in that direction changes the entire course of your life.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:04 – Important announcement
  • 02:47 -Three things you think about on a day to day basis
  • 03:42 – The absolute madness that happens when all you think is your body and your weight
  • 06:30 – Think all the objections you can imagine that is not helping you
  • 08:16 – Why you’re missing your entire life
  • 09:20 – What kind of life is that where you’re, you’re happy when you lose weight?
  • 10:42 – How can you make things happen for you out of natural circumstances, not just because of trying so hard to get a result
  • 14:35 – How Hypnosis relaxes the mind and opens up to more opportunities and happiness regardless of your weight
  • 16:29 – All a matter of mindset
  • 18:26 – What it does to everybody around you if you stay longer in getting stuck to your painful reality
  • 20:12 – You can do it, and it’s possible overcoming your present reality

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