Triggering times are never fun times. Everyone is out and about, and you’re there arguing with your own self whether to join the fun or be with your lonesome and evading what other people or what you think other people might think and say of you.

The thing is, what only makes us happy is when we’ve succeeded in staying true to the number of calories that our diets demand of us. Other times it’s a constant battle of controlling and restricting that often we give in and finally indulge in food cravings and all, and things go down spiraling.

That’s when we go down the rabbit hole again, and everything seems to be a mess, and the chaos within comes back at a never-ending pace. Isn’t it just too tiring?

What would it be like if everything that’s bothering you now actually turns out to be a non-issue at all, whatever day, time, and season, it might be? What if you can eat anything you want, yes, all you want — even all those they say you should avoid and all.

What if, finally, you find peace and happiness whether you choose to wear or not the dreaded bikini and not mind anyone else around and letting yourself to just be, savoring in all the happy thoughts with your newfound freedom.

Hypnosis for permanent weight loss makes that possible. You only have to face your fear and take that action, and you are on your way to a lifetime of transformation.

“It’s that facing that fear and that commitment to getting out of what’s really happening on the other side and that desire for wanting the freedom from food and acceptance of self and body and having peace around food and weight that has to outweigh that desire to have your perfectionist part always be kicking in; we have to find you who you are authentically.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:51 – Remembering those not fun times
  • 04:26 – Everything now is a non-issue
  • 08:05 – What it looks like when two parts of you are arguing and what eventually happens
  • 09:44 – We can’t stay on a diet forever
  • 12:19 – Stop, study, and observe your patterns and behaviors and then get coaching
  • 13:11 – It takes the willingness to face that fear and that commitment to getting out of what’s really happening on the other side
  • 13:40 – Letting go of your schooling and upbringing and thinking ‘What works for me’

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