With anger, nothing comes out with the best outcome. You may be calm outside, everything is kinda okay with your outer world. It is just what it seems. But what causes you to binge eat is anger towards something more deep than your body issues. Notice, too, your reaction to something that creates an emotional trigger for you.

A client’s story of how she’s reacting to what seems to be an injustice done to her goes back to the anger towards her past for being physically abused. All that anger and rage she feels and how she fights back towards someone who she thinks puts her at a disadvantage reflects the noise inside that is not yet dealt with once and for all.

What you don’t know, beneath the anger and rage there lies sadness. Without tools to back you up and heal you of those past hurts, it will always come back to haunt you for life.

How about going deep and finally facing your fears to finally point you towards a lifetime of freedom?

Imagine having that emotional mastery where you’re comfortable around food and around anything that usually triggers you. You find happiness whatever weight you have and you’re not under any restriction to just be.

Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you in this journey. You only have to act now.

“When we actually learn to master our own reactions and responses, and then get better and better ways for how to communicate in a really effective manner, everything can start opening up. Relationships get better, your emotional inner world most importantly gets better. And because of that, you’re no longer indulging in the food or the alcohol or whatever substance of choice or distraction of choice or even the yelling to numb, that you may use to not feel those things.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:49 – What you don’t know about anger
  • 04:03 – One thing that is underneath anger
  • 05:39 – What happens when you start to go into the body and process the anger
  • 08:10 – You have full permission to not be perfect and mess up sometimes
  • 10:22 – What can happen when we master our reactions and responses
  • 13:07 – When do you know that you are still wounded?
  • 17:44 – That feeling of smiling but is not free inside
  • 19:02 – Getting to know your own anger and rage
  • 20:09 – Leslie’s hope for everyone
  • 20:37 – When it’s not about the weight anymore
  • 21:51 – What it means to have beauty in sadness
  • 22:45 – Making the last decades of your life be about you, your passion, and your purpose
  • 23:10 – It’s hard to face your fears but you are not alone and you can do it

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